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Installing solar panels on your home can be expensive, but the LONGi Solar LR6-60PB-300M offers a fabulous mid tier option that performs well enough for most residential needs. It’s definitely one of the best solar panels available for residential application.

Why We Like It – LONGi Solar LR6-60PB-300M Review

The LONGi Solar LR6-60PB-300M hits the sweet spot for a quality residential solar panel with a more moderate price point than some of its more expensive counterparts. With good conversion and efficiency and sturdy build, the LONGi LR6 is a great option for those looking to convert their homes to solar energy.

  • Sleek and durable design
  • No negative power tolerance
  • Moderate price point
  • Higher degradation rate than other panels


The LONGi LR6 is near the top when it comes to performance. Its conversion efficiency of solar power to energy is up to 19.3 percent, which is good if not great. It also has no negative power tolerance, which means that it won’t underperform its wattage rating.

Where it falls short compared to top of the line solar panels is in its power degradation. After the first year it degrades at a rate of about 0.55 percent per year. Premium products hover around 0.25 percent in comparison. However, that’s certainly not a deal breaker given the amount of energy you’ll gain.


LONGi Solar definitely went out of its way to give the LONGi LR6 a slick look. The solar cells are embedded in a black frame, which gives it a sleek, low profile, cohesive look. It definitely won’t be an eyesore on your roof.

Additionally, the frame is highly rated for heavy loads of snow and strong winds. LONGi backs its materials with a 10 year warranty. It’s also backed by a 25 year warranty for power output, so it’s definitely at least a 25 year product.


There’s a lot of value here in the LONGi LR6. It’s a great mid-tier option to convert your home to solar energy. It’s not priced as high as premium options in its class, but it will perform at a high enough level to fulfill your energy needs (and save you money on your energy bill). This solar panel is a very good option to avoid really high initial costs.

LONGi Solar LR6-60PB-300M Review Wrap Up

The LONGi Solar LR6-60PB-300M residential solar panel is a fabulous option for those installing solar on their homes for the first time. Its performance ratings are close to the premium products, but the startup costs are more reasonable. You should have no concerns choosing this option to power your home.

For non residential applications, be sure to check out other top solar options like the Renogy 100 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel, Ring Solar Panel, and RAVPower Foldable Solar Panel.

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