Logitech X300 Wireless Speaker Is A Party In Your Pocket


Music is becoming more and more integral to our lives. As streaming services, digital downloads, and other ways to hear what’s new fill up our smartphones, one question remains: How are you going to play party tunes? Fortunately, Logitech has a pretty good solution for filling a room, not just your earbuds.

Music Over The Wireless

It’s their X300 wireless speaker system, a pretty clever way to solve an annoying problem. The X300 is designed to fire out music in a 180 degree arc; there are two drivers on the front of the speaker, and also one on either side. Logitech also has carefully angled each driver so the sound field has a maximum width. It’s not quite hauling an entire hi-fi system around with you, but for what you can cram into six inches of space and with only two thirds of a , it’s pretty close.

Long Lasting

It’s also well constructed on the technical end. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, of course, making it a lot easier to sync up music, calls, and other audio-based entertainment. It also means you don’t have to dock your phone, and the connection is instant. And hey, it comes in colors!

Nor do you have to find an outlet, at least for a few hours: It comes with a lithium-ion battery built in.

x300-mobile-wireless-stereo-speaker (1)

Party In Your Pocket

Realistically, it’s hard to find a good solution to playing music for a group of people on the go. Have you ever tried to crank your phone all the way up and toss it into a glass? It’s… just not the same. So, if you go to a lot of parties, or just occasionally want to share a song with more than one person at a time, it looks like the X300 is going to be your best bet. Logitech introduced several best wireless speakers so far and it’s one the them as well.

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