Logitech MX5000 Review

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Updated July 15, 2020
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Logitech has unveiled a whirlwind of products this past month, and that includes the keyboard and mouse combo MX5000. Both devices use Bluetooth 2.0 and have a pretty extensive feature set which include an LCD for the keyboard to notify you of incoming email, and what Logitech claims is a mouse with 20 times the accuracy of any regular optical mouse.

Another notable feature is that while the keyboards LCD is not in use it will display Window XP user name, time, date and room temperature – cool or what? “I don’t know what does you keyboard say?”….oohhhh!. Sorry that was in poor taste but I just ran with it. Lastly, the keyboard acts as a Bluetooth hub for your entire computer. So if you would like to pair it with a wireless headset or sync your phone then you’re in business.

The combo runs for $149.99 and is currently available.

For a full review on the mouse (MX1000) included in the package Click Here.

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