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The Logitech Illuminated Keyboard Is Built For The Living Room


Increasingly, we’re bringing our PCs into the living room. Whether you’re hooking up a home-made Steam Box for gaming, or just find it easier to use a PC to play back streaming video, you’re probably looking into getting a keyboard. Logitech would like to make your choice a little easier.

A Keyboard For The Living Room

Essentially, Logitech has built a wireless keyboard and touchpad for the living room, from the ground up. Don’t expect to be writing a novel on this particular board; Logitech designed it to be simple to use, and it’s geared more towards searching for a movie than writing a screenplay. But that gives it some advantages.

Bright, Thin, And Powerful

For example, the keyboard is illuminated so that you can turn down the lights and still see what you’re doing, a boon to movie buffs. The function keys and the touchpad are configurable so you can set them up to do what you want on your home theater PC. It’s a light, thin keyboard you can easily rest on your lap and use to find content. And if all that weren’t enough, it’s got a rechargeable battery built into it that allows you to use the board for ten days without needing to plug it back in. Or, for that matter, use it without burning through a lot of AA batteries.

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Wireless Control

Home theater PCs may arguably be on the wane: Game consoles and streaming boxes like the Amazon Fire TV are arguably encroaching on their turf rapidly and with better results. But there’s still nothing quite like a PC in terms of power and options, and if you’re looking for the best control option, this looks like it will fit the bill. And it’s relatively cheap, as well; Logitech has it available for just $100.

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  1. mk

    Oh dear. Could there be less info on this article? Could you answer questions like what’s the name do the product? When is it coming out? Is it what kind of wireless? And why on earth would you say $100 is cheap?

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