Logitech C615 HD Webcam Review

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Updated October 14, 2022
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Logitech strikes a nice balance between performance and pricing, so it isn’t surprising the Logitech C615 HD Webcam has the makings to be the best wireless webcam. Sure, its live resolution maxes out at 720p, but outside that, it’s all high-quality 1080p footage. On top of that, contrast and lighting provide an even clearer image.

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Why We Like It – Logitech C615 HD Webcam

Whether you’re on a call or capturing footage for YouTube, the Logitech C615 HD Webcam is versatile, providing a capture resolution of 1080p, in addition to a built-in mic.

  • Captures in 1080p full HD video quality
  • Contrast & light correction is particularly good
  • Full, 360-degree rotating camera
  • Picture quality drops to 720p during video calls
  • Design doesn’t provide great stability

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Type, Lens, Size & Weight

On the outside is a glass lens, which not only notably improves image quality, but also increases its overall durability. It has a 74-degree viewing angle, in addition to a swivel mount for 360-degree turning. This Logitech webcam, in particular, wants to be taken on the go. Its compact, foldable design begs for it, which helps it fold down to half the size of a credit card. That’s further assisted by a 6.4-ounce weight.

Resolution & Display

Video recording with the Logitech C615 HD Webcam works great, due to its recording resolution being 1080p. However, in straight live video calls, image quality drops to 720p. That’s notably lower, but light correction and contrast are particularly excellent, especially when compared to the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920.

Tripod & Image Stability

The Logitech HD Webcam C615 HD comes with two stability options: a tripod and a built-in clip. Using the clip isn’t ideal as it can slowly loosen and fall off. Thankfully, it has a dedicated slot for a tripod, which we suggest you use instead.

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Optical Zoom, Microphone, Audio & Storage

You do not get optical zoom with the Logitech C615 Webcam. The Logitech C930E has 4x zoom, though! Like many low-profile webcams, storage isn’t available. It does have a microphone, though. The sound quality is really good, but this is Logitech we’re talking about. In addition to great audio quality, it has built-in noise reduction to filter out any background shenanigans so that your conference room webcam won’t capture any distractions.


If you’re looking to be cheap and 1080p doesn’t concern you, the Logitech C270 isn’t as good, but half the price. It even has 200MB of hard drive space. However, the Logitech C615 HD Webcam is a great webcam for everything above and in between. Looking to Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, or Zoom? Then this is what you want, provided you get a longer USB cable, because 3 feet is kind of short.

Logitech C615 HD Webcam Wrap Up

Despite a wonky clip design, the Logitech C615 HD Webcam is still a great webcam. It has the makings to be anyone’s budget webcam. After all, shooting in 1080p is still ideal. And do people need to see you in 1080p during video calls? No. What’s important is the image is clear, which its contrast and lighting provide.

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