The Canon PowerShot G7 X is a great camera. The web is now flush with videos galore thanks to the proliferation of smartphone cameras, which capture HD video any where you point them. If for some reason you don’t own one, or simply want a stand alone camera to perform in front of, look no further than Logitech’s Broadcaster, a WiFi webcam.

The Broadcaster can record or stream 720p video directly to the web, your computer, or iOS device.  You simply need to pair the two devices using the accompanying app and within minutes you can send your live feed directly to Ustream, or record your footage to your phone or computer for editing.

Logitech has tried to simplify Broadcaster as much as possible by including a one touch button for “broadcasting”, as well as a carrying case that doubles as a stand thanks to a magnetic lid.  And if you happen to use the Broadcaster with your Mac running the Broadcaster app, you’ll be able to record two angles simultaneously by leveraging the iSight camera built-in to your laptop.  For Skype calls you can switch between the two cameras instantly, and for recorded videos you can edit them together however you see fit once you’ve completed your work of art.

The Logitech Broadcaster can be preordered for $200.  We’d like to see a feature that allows you to use your iOS camera, not just your laptop, as a secondary angle.

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