The LIX 3D pen helps you to create in three dimensions, allowing you to design and build ideas like never before.

It’s one thing to draw something in two dimensions, and quite another to bring it to life fully, turn it in your hand, set it on your desk and study it from all angles. The LIX pen lets you do just that. You are doodling…in the air. If your kids want to 3D print too, you should also read our review of the Play-Dough 3D printer.

Pen and a 3D Printer In One

It is a pen and a 3D printer in one, that creates solid freestanding objects. The LIX Pen UV is the latest model.

It also has the distinction of being the world’s smallest circular 3D Printing Pen. This is a handy tool for creative professionals, whether you are an artist, an architect, an engineer, or just someone who likes cool tech toys, such as Lego, Hoverboard and those alike.

LIX made a number of improvements to this model that users will be happy with.

  1. The company has decreased the cost of production making the final price a very tempting $99.
  2. They’ve also updated some internal components and restructured things for added durability. This is a big one because it means that the pen will allow for a wider range of filament to be used.
  3. While they were at it, LIX also streamlined the pulling and heating mechanisms, which improves stability and allows better movement for the filament. Your pen is also less likely to clog now.
  4. The aesthetics have also been enhanced, with the LIX Pen UV being 15mm shorter than the previous version.

Easy to Use

lix pen uv

It’s not only fun to play around with, but it’s also easy to use. Just plug in the power cable, charge the pen up, and draw in the air. Each pen comes with 2 bags of random color ABS filament. Each bag contains 40 rods each. You also get the external power adapter and a USB to LIX Pen Cable. If you want to compare the LIX with another 3D printer, take a look at our review of how Voladd makes 3D printing easier.

You can choose from three color options on this model: Black, Grey, and Gold. At only $99, there’s really no excuse to not give this 3D geekery pen a try. You can get refills for about $7. With the LIX Pen UV, you are truly limited only by your imagination.