Litelok Gives You Lightweight, Versatile Bike Lock Security

If you bike in the city, you know how tricky it can be to use your bike lock without wasting time. Finding an acceptable spot, dragging out your chain, bars, or tubes, locking up in the middle of a busy street…not the most fun moment for cyclists.

This is why Litelok is developing a new way to lock up your bike, and if the nearly 500% funded Kickstarter campaign is any indicator, people really like it.

Litelok uses something called, no kidding, a “Boaflexicore” strap. It looks like an ordinary band of stretchy cloth, but it is actually made of multiple layers of tough, lightweight materials that weigh in at only 2.2 pounds. According to the entrepreneur in charge of the project, Professor Neil Barron, it can fend off everything from hacksaws to cable cutters, making the tools in a bike thieves’ toolbox pretty useless.

The strap itself is about 29 inches long and fits together a lot like a seatbelt. This makes it notably more versatile than the average bike lock, if you really need to lock your bike on a nearby lamppost or tree thanks to the lack of more traditional spots.


It’s no surprise that the Litelok project is centered in the UK, where cities like London have long embraced the cycling lifestyle. It may also find eager consumers throughout some of the more bikeable European cities, but let’s not forget bike-happy American cities like Portland, San Francisco, and Boston. In other words, it’s a good thing that the lock ships anywhere in the world.

If you want to switch from a traditional lock to this versatile strap, you can pledge £80 and get a Litelok when the straps ship toward the end of the summer (colors appear limited to a lime green for now). Smaller pledges can net you freebies like frame bags and key rings for your bike.

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