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Developed for artists and art students in need of quality at a great price, Liquitex basics acrylic paint is an easily blendable, heavy body acrylic with a somewhat buttery consistency. Featured as number 2 in the Best Acrylic Paint Set buying guide, this paint set is ideal for learning color theory and color mixing.

Why We Like It – Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint Multicolor

Artists can add more details to an acrylic painting due to this tube set having various medium and deep hues, including colors such as Cadmium Red Light and Titanium White. Like the Soho Urban Artist Heavy Body Acrylic Paint Set, the colors are well-saturated, allowing for better mixing.

  • Wide-ranged color selection
  • Sticks to most surfaces
  • Can be cleaned with water if still wet
  • Odor


Like the Sargent Art 24 2498 12Count Quality Set, this is heavy body paint. However, the difference is that pigments of the Liquitex basics acrylic paint are made by grounding tiny ceramic beads. This process is how the paint offers brightness, great color development, fine dispersion, and strength. This is useful for adding details such as undertone, tint, or shade. However, along with those benefits, there’s an odor that’s capable of being quite strong.


Each container in this 36 piece set is a glossy, laminate paint tube. These tubes are made of layers of metal, plastic, and paper to create airtight protection to prevent spills. Similarly to the Soho Urban Heavy Body Acrylic Paint Set, they were modified this way to ensure that those benefits last for a long period of time. However, rather than a storage box or case, they come with stackable storage trays to keep them organized.


Unlike the Arteza Metallic Acrylic Painter Set, which has a count of 12, Liquitex basics has more colors to choose from despite having similar prices. Each basic color has at least four different opacities, and while it’s not premium paint, it uses a formula that makes it easy for the paint to mix together. It’s perfect for everyday use and for techniques such as underpainting and airbrushing.

Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint Multicolor Wrap Up

This professional acrylic paint set was developed for people who want great quality paint for an affordable price. Regardless of preferred painting technique, artists have the option to use various techniques such as printmaking and underpainting to add effects to their work. The odor may be off-putting, however.

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