Linxup GPS Vehicle Tracker Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

Opinions may vary on which device is the best GPS tracker or the Best Car Tracker, but if you want something effective to track your car movement and manage your fleet, ensure you buy a Linxup GPS vehicle tracker! The tracker is accurate with an enabled Google Map for convenient location of your car. A mobile application enables easy tracking of your car movement via your phone (iOS and Android).

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Why We Like It – Linxup GPS Vehicle Tracker

In this Linxup GPS Vehicle Tracker Review, we’ll go over every feature of this device, but a few highpoints are its real time GPS tracking, long battery life, and report dashboard!

  • Real-time Tracking (Linxup GPS Works Great With Vehicle Fleets)
  • Free Mobile Tracking App
  • DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) Capabilities
  • Slowly Drains Your Vehicle Battery

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If you need 100% accuracy tracking vehicles, try this device (for a multi-purpose option, check out our Spytec GL300 reviews!). The car tracking device offers a real time tracking, enabling fleet monitoring by tracking the direction, distance, and speed of the vehicle it’s installed in. There’s a free GPS mobile application that allows real-time SMS and email connectivity. With Linxup’s GPS fleet management software, you can connect and make calls to many customers daily. You can even set the driver’s geo-fence and track the vehicle to determine if the car is driving with the specified locations.


Since this Linxup device plugs into the OBD ii port, you’ll never have to worry about the battery dying—it doesn’t have one! Instead, the tracker is powered by your car battery, so as long as your car has a charge the device will keep working. However, much like leaving anything else plugged in too long, the Linxup GPS tracker can kill your battery (although it will take a very long time). As long as you routinely use the vehicle this shouldn’t present an issue, but if you plan on parking for a while, we recommend you unplug the tracker.

Ease of Use

The Linxup GPS tracking device has a unique feature that makes it user friendly – you plug it into the OBD ii port of any truck or car manufactured not before 1996! This feature makes the device extremely easy to use. It can send you real-time messages and emails when the driver speeds, accelerates rapidly, or violates road safety rules. Geofencing allows you to track the car’s movement and compare it with the set time for a particular location. It’s easy to coach your driver with this car tracking device and save up to 20% of the monthly fuel consumption!


Most of the time this device will be completely protected from the elements, securely plugged into your vehicle’s OBD ii port. Because of this, Linxup didn’t implement any durability features like shock, water, or dust resistance into the design of this GPS tracker. However, as long as you use the device as intended, this shouldn’t present an issue. Since the device is plug and play (then left alone), the only thing you may have to worry about is electrical failure. However, based on the various reviews left by generally happy consumers, electrical failure doesn’t seem to be a common issue.


This tracker is extremely affordable (and much cheaper than what you’ll find in our AMERICALOC GL300W review!).The car tracker improves fleet performance by quickly tracking and managing cars in your fleet. The customer support feature of the tracker makes it ideal for improving service delivery. You can ensure a faster response to the customer by analyzing and optimizing your drivers’ routes. It is easy to monitor the unsafe driving habit of the driver and ensure safety while driving. Plus, the car tracker’s monitor alert keeps you informed on the maintenance and can help decrease idling time and fuel usage!

Linxup GPS Vehicle Tracker Wrap Up

As you’ve learned throughout this review, Linxup GPS vehicle tracker is perfect for both commercial and personal vehicles (for a more general tracker, check out our LandAirSea 54 review). The Linxup GPS tracking reports monitor your car’s history while the driver training feature ensures safe driving and economical utilization of the fuel. If you need an efficient car tracking device that will provide value for your money, make sure you buy a Linxup GPS vehicle tracker!

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