Linksys MR9600 Review

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Updated August 3, 2022
92 Expert Rating

In the search for the best router options, an advanced user will pretty much always look for the best OpenWRT routers. While the Linksys MR9600 might not have support for OpenWRT, the overall performance is still pretty good. And it’s a Linksys mesh router that comes with WiFi 6, so we don’t really have a lot to complain about here.

Why We Like It – Linksys MR9600

If you want to set up a WiFi 6 based mesh network in your whole house, the Linksys MR9600 mesh router is a pretty great option. The Linksys intelligent mesh technology works very well, and you can add any Linksys Velop WiFi 6 node to the mesh network pretty easily.

  • WiFi 6
  • Intelligent mesh technology
  • Amazon Alexa support
  • Stock firmware hasn’t been updated to support an external storage device through the USB port yet


The performance of Linksys routers has historically been outstanding, and this one isn’t different either. If you have a full gigabit broadband connection at your house, unlike the GL.iNet GL-AR150, you will definitely be able to take full advantage of said connection using this Linksys dual-band mesh router. Additionally, if you’re using Google Fiber, you might like this Google WiFi mesh router.


The Wi Fi network range of this dual band router is insanely good. It can cover up to 3000 square feet, which no particular wireless router is capable of at this price. It will put the GL.iNet GL-AR750S or any other travel dual-band router to shame with its unparalleled Wi Fi network coverage. You may be interested in the Asus BRT-AC828 review.


The build quality of this dual-band mesh WiFi router is nice, just like the Linksys EA9500 Max-Stream AC5400. And the Linksys app is pretty great too, albeit a little frustrating for setting up parental controls. But, it comes with a Broadcom processor inside. So, don’t expect OpenWRT support anytime soon.

Ease Of Use

Both the Linksys app and the web UI are extremely easy to use. But, you do need to be mindful about what you’re connecting to the mesh network. Basically, you can connect every Linksys Velop WiFi 6 node to it, if it supports the Linksys intelligent mesh technology. However, you can not connect any Linksys Max Stream wireless router model to the same Wi Fi network. For another easy-to-use unit, check out our Linksys Velop Mesh router.


This Linksys mesh router provides decent value for money overall. If all you care about is top-notch speed test results for bragging rights, this is definitely the dual-band router to pick up. But, if you want a bit more customizability with OpenWRT support, you should pretty much look elsewhere.

Linksys MR9600 Wrap Up

All in all, the Linksys MR9600 is an excellent device to use as the base router of a housewife mesh network. And it has fantastic coverage, making it a perfect option for people who don’t want to set up a mesh Wi Fi network.

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