Those looking for the best bike lock will like Linka.

Kickstarter sure likes its bike locks: We’ve seen multiple companies all come out with their own take on a new lock, from U-Lock and Litelock to TiGr. Is there really such a dearth of suitable bike locks in the world? Now a new competitor has joined the ranks, the Linka. Compare this lock with our review of the N’Lock bike lock before you make your final purchase. Compare these locks with our review of Vier: adds some extra protection to your bike, before you decide which is best.

Linka looks like someone forget the rest of their handcuffs at home and works via smart technology. According to the creators, most stolen bikes are simply ridden away so that no one watching really knows they’ve been stolen. Linka locks the wheel to the frame so that the bike can’t be ridden, de-motivating a lot of potential thieves.

The lock is mounted permanently to the bike frame, which sounds like a chore but the smart tech helps: Linka automatically unlocks, sliding its steel bar back to allow free wheel movement. It works via a smartphone app. When you stop, you pull up the app and go through a simple procedure to lock it. When you get back, the lock will sense your phone and unlock for you. When you can pick the best bike for you; why not pick the best security for it?


There’s also a smorgasbord of other security features on the bike like. A siren can sound off if the lock senses that your bike is being tampered with, or you can receive silent tamper alerts on your phone to warn of suspicious activity. There’s an accompanying theft indicator map that shows the safety levels of nearby neighborhoods, too. If you don’t have your phone on you or the battery is dead, you can unlock the Linka via a passcode button sequence.

With so many bike locks being funded and entering their first sales periods in the coming year, it’s going to be survival of the fittest for these ventures. We have to admit a preference for Linka though: It dares to go beyond the “strap your bike to something” mindset and create an alternative locking system with some smart technology that’s actually smart – and easy to use. Plus the price, starting at $99, is cheaper than most other smart locks. Unless thieves find a quick way to pry it off (always a possibility), Linka seems to be an impressive product.