Lightors: USB Rechargeable Batteries You Need In Your Life

I know I’m not the only one that hates dealing with batteries. I absolutely hate buying batteries, using batteries, and throwing batteries away. Everything nowadays uses batteries of some sort, but there are still too many devices that use AA or AAA batteries, making the use of those batteries an unfortunate evil. Now, there’s a Kickstarter out there to stop it. Introducing Lightors, the world’s first USB rechargeable batteries. They are right up there with the best portable phone charger.

Lightors feature a micro-usb port for easy and convenient charging, and can be used over 500 times. Each AA battery is 1500mAh and each AAA battery is 600mAh, and can be used in any device that uses standard AA or AAA batteries. You don’t need a big, bulky charger to house the batteries while charging like you do with other rechargeable batteries. Using Lightors will greatly reduce the amount of hazardous waste, as disposing batteries is not healthy for our environment. Think about all of the devices you own that use standard AA or AAA batteries. Within reach of me while I’m typing this right now, there is a Roku remote, computer mouse, Xbox One controller and one of my son’s remote control cars that uses a total of 8 AA batteries. Now, multiply that number of batteries by millions and millions of people that use batteries daily. According to The Environmental News Network, annual global consumption of batteries is at 10 billion batteries every year.

While obviously not a complete solution for this waste, Lightors will help reduce it. And, one of Lightors’ flaws is that each battery takes at least 8 hours to fully charge, or 6 hours with a 220V adapter. There’s an LED indicator that will tell you when your batteries are fully charged, though, and Lightors are still a great solution for a bigger problem than people may realize. You can check out Lightors via their Kickstarter.

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