LightFreq LED Bulb Will Light Up Your Party And Provide The Tunes

What do you get when you cross a Philips hue and a Jambox Boom? The LightFreq! The Kickstarter campaign is the first genius light bulb that features a built-in speaker, doubling its function. The Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, multicolor, energy efficient LED Lightbulb is controlled via your smartphone and will play HD audio throughout your entire house. It also has this cool built-in “follow me” feature that allows your audio and lighting to automatically follow you from room to room as long as you’re holding and controlling it from your smart device. And that’s not all since it also has mood lighting that’s based on the genre of the particular music you’re listening to. So if you’re listening to techno or dance music, the light will change colors rapidly and will decrease in tempo when the music slows down.      


If you thought that was cool, LightFreq does so much more! You can program its app on your phone to change the color of light depending on what notification comes in. So if you’re in the bathroom and your phone is in the kitchen, your LightFreq in the bathroom would change colors to let alert you that there’s a message waiting for you. You can even use it as an intercom via the app. Just tap and speak to any person in a room where there’s a LightFreq located – which means no more shouting to family members in other rooms.


For a lightbulb that can do all of that it still features a sleek, modern design that looks great turned on or off. It’s made from an all aluminum and polycarbonate construction it is extremely durable. It’ll fit into any standard light and is just 5mm longer than a standard CFL light bulb. It can work anywhere in your home and is great for the office or your business. It emits natural 3000k light – which is the same as an incandescent bulbs – RGB-W L.E.D lighting to make sure that it’s energy efficient and produces the least amount of heat while still being bright at 800 lumens. Pledge $70 to get one or $125 for two.


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