Light Throwing Tomahawk Axe Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to tomahawk throwing; might as well start with the best axe for beginners: the Light Throwing Tomahawk Axe. Why? There’s a nice balance in the hand forged carbon steel head and the American hickory handle, while staying lightweight and easily within reach. If you need other tools, read our best tools list.

Why We Like It – Light Throwing Tomahawk Axe

Lightweight throwing axe of the tomahawk variety. Balanced in the handle and axe had for ideal axe throwing capabilities, and good for beginners.

  • Good balance in the head and handle
  • Lightweight; 1.05 lbs
  • Good choice for beginners
  • Axe head can come off
  • No nylon sheath covering


As mentioned before, the balance in the axe head and handle making it ideal as a throwing hatchet. At the same time, the throwing tomahawks are very lightweight at just 1.05 pounds. This makes it an ideal choice for beginners to pick up since they don’t have to wrestle with the weight as much. When it came to chomping wood, it was as good as a Coleman Camp Axe. Its blade and design allow for some light chopping, but nothing like the Fiskars Super Splitting Axe provides.

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You might have noticed that the Light Throwing Tomahawk Axe is not full tang; instead, the axe head is seated by way of friction. At the one end of the handle it’s much wider so that the 2.75-inch blade doesn’t slip from the end of the 16-inch handle. Unfortunately, the axe head can and will come off. It’s designed to, rather than the head break from a bad throw, the axe head disengages. Since the axe head isn’t a high quality stainless steel blade, we really wish some kind of nylon sheath was added for protecting the axe head.

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The Light Throwing Tomahawk Axe is an average throwing axe. Is it ready to perform next to the best throwing axes? Not so much. So, who does it serve well? Given its performance, design and cheap price of $30, the Light Throwing Tomahawk Axe is best served as a practice throwing axe for beginners and experienced axe throwers alike. This will keep your best competitive tactical throwing axes in better shape for big competitions. But if multi-purpose axes are what you’re looking for, aside from throwing, then the Husqvarna 26 Wooden Multi-purpose Axe.

Light Throwing Tomahawk Axe Wrap Up

The Light Throwing Tomahawk Axe isn’t anything fancy or high performing. Its balance and low weight makes it good for one thing: throwing. Specifically for practice or beginners. Throwers beware: the axe head does come off. That’s normal, though scary. And since it’s cheap, you should look into a cheap covering to keep the blade in the best condition.

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