LiftPro Standing Desk Adds Inset Phone Docks, Mouspad

As the standing desk craze continues, it’s no surprise that creators would eventually hit up Indiegogo and other crowdfunders for their new ideas.  But as LiftPro shows us, creating the right standing desk ergonomics doesn’t mean sacrificing aesthetics.

You could also choose to go with a convertible standing desk.

LiftPro starts off strong – it ranks as one of our best standing desk 2019 picks – by offering several required features for the modern standing desk. It is adjustable and uses an electronic motor with simple button controls for adjustments. It includes four different presets as people find their favorite heights, and can hold up to 355 pounds.

So far, so good. But while many brands offer a certain amount of desk customization – including cord holes, lamps, shelves, and more – LiftPro goes an extra mile and includes customization options more useful to the average user. There are traditional choices like choosing your wood color (a whiter natural tone or a browner hazelnut color), but there are four additional features you can choose to add as well, and these are particularly unique.


First, you can add recessed felt trays to help safely store your pens, staplers, paper clips and whatever else without the chance for them to skid off the surface. It’s a welcome little addition in the world of standing desks, where planes tend to be flat, smooth and without handy hidey-holes. Second, you can add built-in display docks for phones and tablets. This is particularly cool and it looks like the inset docks are design for a variety of different devices, but only iPhones and iPads show up in the available photos.

Third, you get a steel drink holder in the table, just in case. Forth, you get a cool stationary felt mousepad that may be especially handy if you hate your mousepad creeping across the desk when you work.

With all this customization, it’s no surprise that the LiftPro is pricey, even for adjustable standing desks. The retail price is expected to be $1500. However, you still have a bit of time to get an early bird rate of $1000, including your choice of wood and leg color.  Alternatively, you can opt for one of our Gadget Review website’s top standing desks.

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