This ultra-slim, metallic Internet phone could well cost a fortune, as its price has not yet been revealed. For the more style-conscious among us, that remains a small hurdle as class, so they say, is priceless (even though everything else isn’t). It’s the kind of phone that you’d want to use to experience the best VoIP features that money can buy. If we talk more about the best VoIP, there are also some mistakes to avoid while choosing the appropriate VoIP provider. OK! Let’s get back to this internet phone again.

Lifetrons’ Internet phone is one cool and very sleek handset. Composed of fashionable designer Titanium and 18-carat gold plate, the world’s slimmest Internet phone is barely 7.5mm wide (about 1/3 inch). Users can make VOIP calls such as Skype or Yahoo Messaging, and the Echo Cancellation feature guarantees superior sound quality.

There are several drawbacks to this otherwise very glitzy Internet phone is the fact that it must be kept out of the reach of small children (or adults who are also small children) because its edges are sharp. You can also only use the specified Lifetrons’ cable, which is included with the purchase of the phone. The phone cannot be immersed in water knocked or shaken as well.

What price, beauty?

Well, we don’t know yet, but it’s probably too much, whatever it is.


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