Lifeproof iPhone 6 Case Shields Against the Outdoors

There’s nothing worse than getting your new iPhone and then breaking it few days later. Normal cases can only do so much…but Lifeproof’s “frē” iPhone 6 case goes far beyond typical impact-protection.

The frē is designed to protect your new iPhone 6 against pretty much anything, and that’s not an exaggeration. The heavy-duty case has U.S. military standard grade protection and meets the IP-68 international standard for Ingress protection. That means it’s water proof, dirt proof, snow proof, shock proof, and protects your touchscreen against scratches. It also sports a welcome rubberized design that manages to look both slim and powerful at the same time.

This makes the frē a great companion if you want to take your iPhone outdoors. You can drop your phone in the pool, take it mountain biking in the mud, and use it freely at the beach or on the slopes, and not worry about painful screen cracks or gritty damage.

While you can still use a screen shield, this iPhone 6 case renders it a bit unnecessary with its own built-in scratch protector. The case includes its own optical glass lens that fits over and protects the iPhone camera. All the buttons and capabilities, including Touch ID, work with the case.

There’s a few limitations, of course. The frē is waterproof up to 2 meters for an hour, which is impressive but not unlimited license to swim/surf with the phone. Its impact resistance is good for 2 meters too, but not a tumble off a cliff. However, when it comes to sports and outdoor adventures, this list of resistances is one of the best around. It also makes the iPhone 6 a great companion for an outdoor cam, like a GoPro Hero that you can operate with an iPhone app.

The iPhone 6 case costs $79.99, and comes in black or white/gray palettes.

Tyler Lacoma

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