LifeDesk SmartLegs Turns Any Desk Into A Standing Desk

There are many health benefits to using a standing desk when working. Sitting at a desk all day does your body no good at all. Just the act of craning your neck to get closer to your screen can have serious effects on your neck and spine. And that leads to pain.

Our stand up desk reviews have all of the info.

Work smarter and Healthier

Chances are that you know the pain I’m talking about. Then there’s the fact that sitting all day leads to weight gain because you aren’t moving. Gaining weight can lead to all kinds of health problems. So ideally, you should be working with a standing desk. They allow you to get more movement and stay healthy because you are not being still for hours.

The LifeDesk SmartLegs will turn almost any desk into a standing desk so you can work smarter and healthier.

It was inspired by a major insurance company that has chosen the LifeDesk as its own corporate standard. They were looking for a desk that could go low enough to ergonomically serve their employees in the 4’10 height range when they are seated. But at the same time, they wanted the desk to rise to 51” for their tall employees who are in the 6’4” height range.

So the aptly named SmartLeg2-98 was born. This solution exceeds ANSI/BIFMA Standards for ergonomic height range, and it even has the most extensive height range for any height-adjustable desk frame at 22” to 51” using the height extender bracket, which accommodates workers from 4’10” to 6’4”.

Make Your Desk a Healthier Space

It is also width-adjustable from 30” wide to 96” wide and has a weight capacity of 350 lbs. That makes this one the strongest you can buy. This frame will allow you to turn any desk into a standing desk and believe me, you are going to love it. You will get healthier and all of those aches and pains will start to go away after you use it for a while. It will change your life.

The LifeDesk SmartLeg App can even control the transitions and track the usage. It will recommend proper desk positioning for sitting and standing as well as typing and reading based on each user’s height. Now everyone has an ideal setting. It also reminds you when it’s time to sit or stand, and gives you daily, weekly and monthly metrics. 

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