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Life360 GPS Tracker Review

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The Best GPS Tracker should actually come with useful features, something that’s not commonly seen in the GPS tracking apps market at all. However, the Life360 GPS Tracker is different. The Life360 app is mainly a family locator GPS tracker. Its cheap subscription plans, family coverage, transaction coverage, and a competent list of features make it a top contender for the Best GPS Phone Tracker throne. If you’re interested in more options, check out our best GPS tracker reviews.

Why We Like It – Life360 GPS Tracker

The Life360 GPS Tracker is something that’ll help protect both you and your family members. Unlike countless other tracking apps that charge exorbitant prices in the name of “subscription fees,” this one actually has somewhat of a lower monthly cost.

  • Real time support from tech specialists
  • Stolen phone, ID, transaction coverage
  • Protection for the entire family
  • Not many safety features are included


It has real time location sharing for finding your family members in an instant. The app is relatively lightweight and isn’t a resource hog at all, unlike the Glympse spy app. Performance degradation due to running the Life360 Family Locator GPS app in the background is barely noticeable, even in older phones with lower-end hardware.

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Just as we talked about performance degradation in the earlier section, the case is pretty much the same when it comes to battery life degradation. Even if there’s any battery life degradation due to running the Life360, it’s not noticeable in day to day usage. In fact, unlike the FamilyTime Parental Controls & Screen Time App, it has a dedicated battery monitoring section. And you can even disable the apps that are drawing more power than usual right from that section.

Ease Of Use

Once again, unlike the Cocospy tracker, the Life360 app’s interface is sleek and extremely easy to navigate. It has a lot of convenient widget options on Android for sending a silent SOS quickly. Even if you’re not in a position to talk to your family members, there are options where the Life360 app will contact your family members by itself.

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With GPS tracking apps, the concern is pretty much always about where that data is going, other than you and your family members. If you’re also worried about that, fret not. The Life360 Family Locator GPS tracker app is an Editors’ Choice award-winning tracking app on the Google Play Store.


Keeping in mind that all the coverage features are valid only within the United States, this tracking app is fantastic for an entire family. Real time location sharing and other GPS tracking features are just the tip of the iceberg.

Life360 GPS Tracker Wrap Up

Overall, the Life360 GPS Tracker app is pretty good, and the premium subscription is fantastic in terms of being value for money. If you genuinely need a tracking app but can’t afford costlier alternatives, you can definitely go for it.