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LG’s 4K 105-Inch LCD Is All The TV Anyone Ever Needs

LG 105-inch LCD

Weird Al Yankovich is hailed as many things, but a prophet is not usually one of them. That said, it seems that more and more, his song Frank’s 2000 Inch TV will be increasingly accurate as TV manufacturers try to top each other. Like LG’s newest TV, which may not be 2000 inches, but is definitely excessive.

A Bend In The Screen

First of all, the screen is curved. Why is it curved? Because LG can make it curved, that’s why. There’s no particular reason beyond that, as far as we can tell; LG seems mostly to have done it because, hey, curved televisions are cool.

Inch By Inch

Next up, there’s the fact that it’s ridiculously large. At 105 inches, it’s one of the biggest screens out there. It’s so big that its aspect ratio is actually 21:9, better known to film nerds as CinemaScope, one of the first anamorphic film processes, and definitely a bragging point. The total resolution is 5120 by 2160, meaning the screen is packing eleven million pixels, far more than pretty much anybody needs, but hey, this is about overkill. Beyond that, this LCD screen is mostly designed to last longer and better than previous gigantic LCD screens, using TFT technology to prevent color leakage and just generally add another impressive spec to a long list of them.

Big Screen, Big Dreams


LG isn’t really talking yet about how much this thing will cost, although we’re guessing “a fortune” will not be entirely inaccurate. It’s also not clear when and where this will be available: The company is keeping mum on most of those details until CES arrives next year. But, if you were somehow worried about there not being a massive, splashy television at the Consumer Electronics Show, don’t worry, we’ve got this, and we’re sure others will be on the horizon.

2 Comments to LG’s 4K 105-Inch LCD Is All The TV Anyone Ever Needs

  1. HildyJJ

    If you think area, the pixel density of this TV is not going to be that much more than a 40″ 1080p TV so pushing it to 4K makes sense, even while it makes it unaffordable. I just wish my den was big enough.

    P.S. 4K phones are, and will ever remain, stupid.

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