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LG Has A Retro TV For Your Retro Lifestyle


Remember the old days, when you had to get up to change the channel? Of course not. No one does. They all died from electrocution when they kicked in their TV sets, frustrated over having to constantly change the channel to find something good. But apparently enough people like the retro design, and it was enough of a design challenge, that LG has a television that will remind you of the alleged good old days.

The essential design is exactly what you generate in your mind when you think of a television from fifty years ago; spindly legs from a base, and a solid wooden case, although it must be noted that, for some reason, they’ve forgone the natural wood grain in order to paint this white. Sorry, sticklers for period accuracy. And, of course, there are dials embedded in the face that change the channel and the volume; if you want old-fashioned rabbit ears or maybe one of those dials that rotates the antenna to try and pick up signal, that you’ll have to provide yourself.

This is not, however, your grandpa’s old TV in many respects. First of all, the guts are from a modern television; it’s a 32-inch IPS-based LCD display capable of 1080p, meaning that you can actually watch television on it instead of just using it as a conversation piece. It’s also got USB and MHL ports, meaning you can hook up most of your modern gadgets, although we guess Aereo is kind of retro compared to some of the other options out there.

Not quite THIS retro.

Not quite THIS retro.

It’s currently priced at 840,000 won, or about $750 in current exchange rates, but you’d better add a shipping premium to that price: LG currently has no plans to ship this to the United States, or anywhere outside Korea. Apparently nostalgia is a Korean thing only for LG.

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