LG NeoChef Microwave Review

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Updated August 15, 2022
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The LG LMC0975ST Neochef microwave oven is part of LG’s range of three NeoChef microwaves that promise to have you enjoy a modern cooking experience, with unique features that you won’t really find with many other appliances. Although, compare LG vs GE microwaves before making a buying decision.

This particular LG Neochef microwave is actually the smallest in the range, with a cubic feet capacity of about 0.9 cubic feet, but it happens to be the most powerful, at 1600 Watts. Tag along to see whether it’s got enough features and functionalities to be the best microwave for your kitchen.

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Why We Like It – LG NeoChef Microwave

The LG Neochef microwave is a modern, sleek and well-designed microwave that is well suited for heavy-duty cooking and has up to 7 preset cooking settings that you can use when preparing some of your favorite meals.

  • Sleek, Modern design
  • Child safety lock
  • Easy to clean
  • No sensor cooking functionality

Power & Performance

In case you don’t know, the higher the wattage on a microwave oven, the faster it will get your food cooked, heated, or frosted. At 1600 Watts, the LMC0975ST LG microwave is much more powerful than the 900 Watt Magic Chef 0.9 cu. ft. microwave, and is therefore very well suited for heavy-duty cooking, and although its 0.9 cubic feet capacity is rather small for a complete family kitchen, it would still be the perfect size for a single person living by themselves. Another unit that’s perfect for one individual is the AmazonBasics microwave.

However, if you prefer higher watts on a microwave, you’ll want to check out two more models, such as the Dacor microwave and the Frigidaire built-in microwave.


Every microwave in LG’s line of NeoChef products has a Smart Inverter Magnetron that’s backed by a 10-year guarantee, so the chances of it breaking down within the first year of use are really slim. The microwave itself also features an easy-clean interior, that reduces the level of effort that you need to apply to keep the 0.9 cu ft countertop microwave clean. Also worth mentioning is the bright LED lighting that illuminates your food while it’s cooking. The LED light on this LG countertop microwave oven is guaranteed to be brighter than that of the MG14H3020CM Samsung Microwave Oven, even though the two both have a similar black stainless steel body. Alternatively, if you’re more interested in aesthetic appeal over power and durability, you’ll want to check out our Nostalgia microwave review and our COSTWAY Retro Turn Dial microwaves oven review. Both of these models are retro-inspired.

Ease of Use

The LG stainless steel NeoChef microwave offers glass controls as opposed to the push button controls that you’ll get on the Panasonic NN-SD372S microwave, giving it a sleek and elegant design that would be perfect for any modern kitchen. As pertains to cooking, the microwave features 10 power levels, and up to 7 different preset cooking options, so that you’re able to prepare some of your favorite meals without a lot of fuss.

Additional Features & Versatility

The turntable on the LG Neo Chef microwave is slightly different from what you’ll find with other microwaves, as the hexagonal-shaped stabilizer ring on the microwave provides added support so that you’re able to place heavy items on it without the fear of them tipping over. There’s also a child lock that you can use to secure the microwave from unauthorized use, and this would be a great feature to use especially if you have some curious children lying around.


There’s only one key feature that this LG NeoChef microwave seems to be missing, and that is the sensor cook functionality. Through sensor cooking, the microwave is able to detect the level of humidity present in your food, and decide both how long and at what cooking power it would need to heat the food for best results. This is a feature that’s available on the other two microwaves in this LG NeoChef range and Sharp Microwave Drawer, but unfortunately, not on this one.

LG NeoChef Microwave Wrap Up

LG Electronics is a multinational consumer electronics company that has managed to create a huge customer base both in the United States and in other parts of the world, so you should have complete faith in the quality of their microwave ovens.

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