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Unlike how it used to be back in the day, having an air conditioning unit installed in your home is no longer a sign of luxury. There are so many types of affordable air conditioners that have emerged in the market right now, such that anybody will be able to make a pick that doesn’t leave too much of a dent in their wallet. One such option is the LG LW8016ER window air conditioner. It goes for less than $400, and has a very simple control panel that makes it very easy to use. Can it be deemed the best window air conditioner? Well, that depends on a number of factors. Sit tight and get to the end of this review to find out if it could be the best window air conditioner for you.

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Why We Like It – LG LW8016ER

The LG LW8016ER is an affordable option for anyone who just needs a basic window unit that’s capable of providing cool air for their living room.

  • Simple to use & Easy to install
  • 4 Way Air Deflection
  • Decent Energy Efficiency Ratio
  • Suited for small rooms


The LG LW8016ER window air conditioner has a BTU unit rating of about 8000, and this means it’ll work great over an area that’s about 340 square feet. It’s got just about the same cooling capacity and floor area coverage as the Frigidaire 8000 BTU Air Conditioner, but the two are very different in terms of shape and size. The LG bears a more rectangular shape, while the Frigidaire is almost a square.

Energy Efficiency

With an Energy Efficiency Ratio of 13, you’re probably going to spend less on energy costs as you would on the Frigidaire FFRA0511R1, which has an EER of 11. For those that might not be aware, an Energy Efficiency Ratio is a measure of the efficiency of an AC unit with regards to power consumption. Therefore, the higher the ratio, the more efficient the window unit. As an 8000 BTU window air conditioner, you can generally expect the LG LW8016ER to consume a lot less energy, and since it also spots a 24 hour on/off timer, you’ll even be able to schedule when exactly you need it on thereby saving you a lot of money on your electricity bill.


To make sure that you get to enjoy fresh, clean air, most window air conditioners (the LG LW9016ER) come fitted with an internal mesh filter that prevents any dust particles from getting through to it. This is essential in the prevention of bacteria spread that happens as a result of coming into contact with contaminated air.


Just like the Frigidaire 5000 BTU Air Conditioner, the LG LW8016ER window mounted air conditioner has a 1 year warranty behind it that covers both parts and labour, so if you happen to notice anything fishy with your LG AC unit upon purchase, make sure you reach out to the customer service team at LG and they’ll be quick to send one of their qualified technicians over. To facilitate easy installation, the LW8016ER also comes with an installation kit such that you won’t have to purchase anything from outside.


Despite the lack of an energy star rating, this LG window air conditioner does feature an energy saver function, which is the default mode of operation unless changed. During this mode, the AC unit comes on and off periodically, instead of staying on consecutively. Also worth pointing out is that the unit features 4 way air deflection, meaning you’ll be able to control the path of airflow without necessarily turning the AC unit around itself.

LG LW8016ER Wrap Up

Since the LW8016ER air conditioner also comes with a remote control, you should be able to easily control it from a distance, and also switch between the 3 fan speeds that it offers for cool air.

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