LG LP1415WXRSM Portable Wi-Fi Air Conditioner Review

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Updated January 16, 2023
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If you already have the best RV air conditioner, it’s time to think about the one in your home.

The LG LP1415WXRSM Portable Wi-Fi Air Conditioner is the latest in a long line of home appliances that are “smartening” themselves up, with the help of onboard chips that let them communicate with your home network to get a lifeline to the outside world. Just like the Frigidaire Cool Connect 8,000 BTU. With companion apps, this makes it easy to control your home A/C from anywhere you might be, as long as you’ve got a few bars of cell service to spare. Learn more about How We Reviewed the AC Units, and how they compare to other top-rated air conditioners.

But all the smart home automation technology in the world may not help if the air conditioner you want is too loud to deal with or difficult to get set up. Will the LG focus too much on modernization and forget what makes a good air conditioner cooler than the rest?

Read on in our LG LP1415WXRSM review to find out!


Price: $544.99 on Amazon 
Available: Now
Model: LP1415WXRSM

Summary: The LG LP1415WXRSM features a new set of Wi-Fi connectivity options that makes it easy to control your A/C from anywhere, as long as you don’t mind a little extra noise by the time you finally get home to enjoy it. If you’re on the market for a unit that guarantees quiet operation, consider the LG LP1217GSR model which has a noise level of only 54 decibels.

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: The LG LP1415WXRSM has enough power to cool down any size of home.

What We Liked

  • Powerful enough to cool any size room
  • Wi-Fi features are helpful

What We Didn’t

  • App is outdated
  • Could be too noisy for some households

LG LP1415WXRSM Portable WiFi Air Conditioner Specs

Wi-Fi + App?green-check-mark
Weight71.6 lbs
Size18.5 x 33 x 13 inches
IR Remotegreen-check-mark
Air Purificationgreen-check-mark
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LG LP1415WXRSM Wi-Fi Air Conditioner Review
LG LP1415WXRSM Wi-Fi Air Conditioner Review

When it comes to the design of the LG LP1415WXRSM there’s nothing revolutionary going on here. If you’ve seen one portable air conditioner, you’ve just about seen them all, but that’s okay when you remember that the best air conditioners blend into the background of your home, rather than taking center stage.

A muted gray panel sits atop a matte, flat white body, while the venting tube and window mounts match the same color scheme as the controls. Five buttons control the Power, Fan Mode, and Temperature Up/Down, as well as the option to set a timer manually in case you choose not to use the onboard Wi-Fi setting to set it up instead. You’ll be glad to know that there’s an even more advanced unit, the LG LP1417WSRSM model which even works with both Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant for voice control.


LG LP1415WXRSM Review
Getting the LG hooked up to our local Wi-Fi was a cinch

The setup of the LG LP1415WXRSM involved two parts: hardware, and software. To start, getting the hardware of the air conditioner installed was identical to any other portable A/C unit you’d find without Wi-Fi. This included finding a window to mount the vent in, ensuring that the seal was tight enough not to let in any warm air or allow any cold air to escape, as well as feeding out the water line that leeches the excess moisture generated by the unit itself.

After the LG was set up for analog usage (or through the included IR remote control), we then had to get it hooked up to our local Wi-Fi. This process was also relatively simple, and involved downloading an app from the iTunes App Store (also available on Google Play), registering a username with LG, and linking the A/C to their central server. Once we added the A/C to our router the app immediately recognized the unit, and we were able to control everything while linked to either the same Wi-Fi network, or over our LTE cell service connection.


LG LP1415WXRSM Review
The app’s UI is clunky when used on newer phones with higher resolution, and in dire need of an update

Of course, the main draw of adding WiFi to an air conditioner is the ability to control it remotely from wherever you are in the world. The idea here is that if it’s a particularly hot day and you’re still at the office, you can simply open the app and fire up your A/C unit so that by the time you get home, the house is already cooled down to a tolerable 72°. So how did LG’s Wi-Fi app work?

First and foremost, it’s clear LG hasn’t been keeping up with the latest iOS updates, as the scaling of all the graphics on the app itself doesn’t look to have changed since iOS 7. Using a regular iPhone 6S (not Plus), the screen and all its components looked stretched and out of place, and navigation felt pretty clunky as a result.

Despite its dated appearance though, the app contained pretty much all of the features you would expect out of a Wi-Fi A/C unit, including temperature controls, scheduling options (so it turns on or off automatically without your input), as well as the choice to set “Favorites” so every member of the house can set their preferred climate with the push of a button. Outside of those two features, there’s not much more to go off of, but when you consider we’re talking about an air conditioner, the lack of extraneous options makes a bit more sense.


During the rare week of the intense heat we have here in Portland, Oregon, the 14,000 BTU LG was more than up to the task of cooling a 300 sq. ft. living room, a 200 sq. ft. kitchen, and a 200 sq. ft. dining room/sunroom combo.

But all that performance comes at a price: this is one noisy air conditioner. Even with two tower speakers blaring at high volume in our living room/home theater, it was still hard to make out what characters were saying on screen because of the massive output of the LG LP1415WXRSM’s motor. Using a decibel meter from five feet, we tested a nearly 30dB jump from our baseline read of 35dB in the room, up to 65dB total. This was with the highest fan speed setting on, but to cool a large room during the hottest days, nothing else will really suffice.

Wrap Up

At $544.99, the LG LP1415WXRSM doesn’t cost much more than other comparable 14,000 BTU air conditioners in its class, all while including a feature that some people would end up paying triple for when they install a new Nest thermostat. The Wi-Fi connectivity worked exactly as advertised, and was a nice feature to have when we were out and about but still wanted the house to be bearable by the time we returned.

With so much power behind it, the LG does run noisier than some other portable options which could be a problem for users who prefer A/C that’s seen not heard, but other than that both the performance and the ease of setup make the LG LP1415WXRSM a solid Wi-Fi air conditioner all around.

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