LG HU80KA Review

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Updated November 24, 2022
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94 Expert Rating

The LG HU80KA easily outclasses most, if not all, of its competition; with its hefty price tag, it better be. LG’s HU80KA projector is a behemoth in multiple ways: size, price, and quality. Maxing out at 18 and a half inches and 14 pounds, the tech inside works in tandem to bring out brilliant colors with the included High Dynamic Range feature. This easily puts the LG HU80KA on our best projectors for Sports list.

Why We Like It – LG HU80KA

Offering a better picture quality than most televisions, the LG HU80KA doesn’t mess around. This LG projector stands out from the competition, Versatile, fast, and unreplaceable.

  • Extremely quiet despite its size.
  • HDR brings unprecedented image quality
  • 4K Resolution
  • Placement in the middle of the room is a must
  • High price point may scare off buyers

Performance/Resolution Etc

It should come as no surprise that the LG HU80KA is a powerhouse, outperforming even some of the best smart TVs in the market. Rather than using a standard bulb to project, the LG HU80KA projector uses lasers to show a lifelike image that’s hard to beat. With lasers come crisper, more vivid colors, however, at the expense of somewhat milky black levels. If this is a deal-breaker, the Viewsonic PX747 offers more balanced blacks and whites. Check out the BenQ W1080ST if you want a projector that has a short throw lens, high contrast ratio, and a good multimedia experience.


For a home entertainment unit, the LG HU80KA certainly goes overkill in terms of brightness. Featuring an image brightness rating of 2500 lumens, the HU80KA can easily project images in a wide assortment of lighting scenarios. While in the dark, viewers will have no problem at all making out the image with the LG HU80KA’s 150000:1 contrast ratio. This is unlike the LG HF65LA, which becomes badly washed out with light.

Adjustability/Viewing Angle

In order for the LG HU80KA to have the best optimal performance, the projector must stand in the middle of wherever you’re projecting. For some, this may be no deal, for others they may find that it’s obtrusive and in the way. There is a solution, however: the LG HU80KA is ceiling mount compatible, turning it into a cinebeam projector of sorts. After this conversion though, adjusting is not possible. For those looking for a more adjustable monitor, the Acer H7850 has more range of motion.


The LG HU80KA comes equipped in a casing that feels premium, along with a handle for easy transportation. Of course, those who are looking to put the LG HU80KA as a more permanent fixture can mount the projector to the ceiling.


With the power needed to run such a device, the LG HU80KA 4K is powered by a power cord. This laser projector comes with two HDMI ports. However, the projector supports Bluetooth, meaning any Bluetooth-compatible device can stream to the LG HU80KA. It is also easy to navigate with the included remote control.

LG HU80KA Wrap Up

When it comes to home theater projectors, the LG HU80KA can handle any media, whether it’s a blu ray or even using a web browser. The 4K resolution and HDR will fully immerse you in whatever you’re watching, especially with quiet fans. If the high price gives you no pause, the LG HU80KA will transform your home into the ultimate smart home.

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