LG Offers Motorized “Eclipse” OLED TV with Bang & Olufsen Sound

The Samsung UN55JS9000 55-inch Ultra-HD Smart TV is a great choice, but check out this amazing model from Bang and Olufsen. Now that prices are falling and OLED looks like a great bet for the future, LG is starting to expand its OLED TV offerings with more updated, ambitious models.

The best current example of this is the BeoVision Eclipse, the result of a partnership between LG and Bang & Olufsen.

That team-up may give you some idea of what to expect, but we guarantee this TV will still surprise you. First, it has the LG OLED panel (available at 55 and 65 inches), which comes with LG’s smart TV tech that fortunately offers compatibility with other services like Chromecast, AirPlay, and Bluetooth, so you can use the TV as a sound system whenever you please.

LG Eclipse TV
The Eclipse isn’t your ordinary TV.

Next, Bang & Olufsen step up with 450-watt sound system (not a soundbar) that focuses on a very large 3-channel sound bar. It’s not the most powerful sound system around, but it’s ideal for those who need to save space and still want the excellent audio that B&O are so known for. If you ever want to expand, that’s easy too – the bar is compatible with other B&O speakers, which can be linked up to add more channels and create an authentic surround sound experience.

If you’re looking for the best rated 65-inch TV around and quality is your top priority, it’s easy to recommend OLED screens, the brightest and most vivid screens around. LG’s long term investment in OLED tech has started to pay off big time, and so far not even Samsung’s quantum dot tech or other attempts can equal anything we’ve seen on OLED

But then it gets even more interesting. The Eclipse has two different mounting options. The first is the basic wall bracket that we all expect out of our TVs these days. The second is a floor stand that is actually motorized and controlled by your TV remote. Yes, that means that you can command your TV to move around the room based on where you are when you want to watch (it seems made for hard floors, no telling how well it will work on carpet). That obviously favors open-plan homes where you may want the TV close when you are working in the kitchen or eating in the dining room, and don’t mind calling it over like the world’s biggest Roomba.

The Eclipse setup makes you pay for all of this, though. For the smaller version, you’ll have to dish out around $11,000.

For the 65-inch model, you’ll need to pay $16,000, and hope that your TV doesn’t trip over anything when it’s swooping across your living room.

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