New LG 5K Ultrawide Monitor Changes the Monitor Game

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Updated June 27, 2022

LG tries hard to impress with its screen, and if you’re in the market for a great computer monitor (see our list of the top computer/ best gaming monitor), then you’ll want to pay careful attention to its announcements in the coming few weeks. If you want to take a look at a different monitor, take a look at Viewsonic XG2700 4k monitor review to compare.

According to LG advanced reports, the brand will be showing off a couple new monitors. But the model that really catches the eye is the 34WK95U, also known as a 5k ultrawide. Yep, you read that correctly. If you don’t need an ultrawide monitor, you might also be interested in our HPZR2740w 27 inch monitor review.

First, the “ultrawide” part means that this monitor is 34 inches wide: it’s not the absolute largest ultrawide we’ve seen, but it’s still big enough for a ton of immersion. These screens do particularly well with games where having a large visual field is important, racing games, flying games, and similar entertainment.

The “5k” part means that the screen is ultra high def, with a 5120 x 2160 resolution. This is interesting because, obviously, gamers want as much access to 4k as they can afford for the top tier of gaming graphics.

However, it’s also very notable, because this looks like one of the only ultrawides that is actually high def (at least for now, since CES may hold more surprises in this regard). Typically, gamers have had to choose between one or the other in the past, but it looks like those days are changing.  If you’re looking for the best monitor for video editing, this might be your pick! Of course, the monitor can also help out designers, video editors, and others with a lot on their digital plate.

LG Ultrawide Model
LG adds a lot of new tech to ultrawides.

The monitor will also include “nano” IPS technology. This is a new LG feature that’s basically a highly refined IPS screen that’s designed to cut down on aberrant colors and glare, increasing clarity and improving color appearance.

Oh, and if you are on top of your 5k ultrawide facts and were wondering, there is indeed a Thunderbolt 3 port on this monitor, which allows you to transmit ultra high definition graphics at 60Hz from a nearby source, without the need for a separate AC adapter. This setup even allows you to use the monitor on the go with a laptop, although that’s asking a bit much from an ultrawide.

As for pricing, well, we don’t have information on that yet. Sometimes, even CES can come and go without a firm MSRP. When we hear anything about pricing and release dates for these monitors, we’ll let you know – just don’t expect them to be very cheap. If that’s what you want, read our best cheap monitor guide.

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