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Over the years, LG has gone on to create a solid reputation as a company that churns out top tier products for every budget. One such example is the LG 24MP59G P 24 Inch Monitor FreeSync gaming monitor, and it happens to be one of their most popular releases for buyers who want to stay below the $200 price tag. The full HD IPS monitor boasts of a 24 inch screen size, a decent 1080p screen resolution, and 1 ms motion blur reduction to allow for super smooth game play. If this sounds like something along the lines of what you might be looking for, go ahead and get to the end of this review to see if it could be the best budget gaming monitor for you.

Why We Like It – LG 24MP59G P 24 Inch Monitor FreeSync

The LG 24MP59G P 24 Inch Monitor FreeSync is an IPS gaming monitor that’s got all you need for full HD gaming, and you can get it at a price that won’t do too much damage to your wallet. The monitor comes with action sync dynamic that minimizes input lag, so that gamers are able to enjoy ultra fast in-game responses

  • Very affordable
  • Dynamic Action Sync to minimize input lag
  • Ultra fast 1 ms response time
  • Doesn’t support VESA mounting


Compared to other gaming monitors in the same price range, the LG 24MP59G offers a lot more gaming features than you’d expect. It comes with AMD Freesync technology just like the ViewSonic VX2257 MHD Gaming Monitor FreeSync to synchronize your monitor’s refresh rate with that of your graphics card, and also boasts of a 1 ms response time which is essential for motion blur reduction. To make game play a lot more responsive, the LG 24MP59G monitor relies on dynamic action sync to minimize input lag, and has a black stabilizer to allow for a clearer shot in dark scenes especially when playing RTS games.


At first blush, it would be fairly difficult to guess that the LG 24MP59G goes for less than $200. This is because of it’s thin bezels, V shaped stand and solid build quality give it a very modern look. The only problem we have with it is that it can’t be VESA mounted. This is because its V-stand can’t be removed. Otherwise, navigation is simple thanks to on screen control, and on its back, you’ll also find a HDMI port, a DisplayPort, a VGA port and a headphone jack, so we have no qualms with its connectivity. Being an IPS panel, this LG monitor offers really good viewing angles, making it a lot better than the BenQ GL2480 TN panel.


Despite being a sub $200 monitor, the LG 24MO59G offers solid picture quality, and this thanks to a 1000:1 contrast ratio as well as a 250-nit maximum brightness level. This provides a very immersive gaming experience especially when you have game mode switched on. Game mode is a feature that most freesync gamers will enjoy because it allows gamers to switch between pre-saved settings for the best conditions when gaming. This is one of the things that makes people go for this LG monitor over the Pixio FreeSync Certified 1920×1080 Warranty.

LG 24MP59G P 24 Inch Monitor FreeSync Wrap Up

The LG24MP59G is a budget monitor that very many people will be able to afford. It comes with all the essentials that allow for a thrilling gaming experience, and with a 1 year warranty to back it, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact customer care in the event of an issue.

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