This has to be one of the best luxury cars. No, seriously–a transparent car.  I’m talking about the Lexus LF-A Crystallized Wind, a car made entirely out of ACRYLIC GLASS.

It was apparently being exhibited at the Tokyo Auto Show,  and may well be the first car ever made out of glass.

Now, chances are, this is just one of those awesome “concept cars”, the ones where automakers prove their design prowess and take advantage of an opportunity to get some dirt cheap advertising by having everybody in the press go back to their readerships and talk breathlessly about “Lexus’ transparent car”, just like I’m doing right now.

Well, it’s entirely too interesting not to bring up, either way, because this car would probably cost a fortune anyway.  And even if you COULD afford it, you probably couldn’t buy it.  Somehow I doubt that a car made from acrylic glass could ever be called street legal.  And I can’t even imagine what this thing would look like if it ever got in a wreck!


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