Levoit Core 300 Review

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Updated December 21, 2022
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94 Expert Rating

The highly-rated air purifier isn’t always one that’s the best large room air purifier; sometimes, great things come in small packages. And that’s exactly what the Levoit Core 300 delivers. This product doesn’t have the most powerful fan speeds, but it makes up for it with 360-degree airflow filtration.

That said, if you require a unit with a timer, lights, pre – filters, and more features, you’ll want to avoid this Levoit air purifier. It’s mostly one of the simpler models that’s easier to use for a smaller room. 

Why We Like It – Levoit Core 300

With its 360-degree filtration, the Levoit Core 300 outputs surprising performance, despite its smaller size. It’s also incredibly quiet and certified by Energy Star in its energy efficiency.

  • 360-degree filtration
  • Low noise levels
  • Energy Star certified
  • Not a large coverage area

Power & Speed

Compared to the Medify Air MA-112 V2.0, the Levoit Core 300 isn’t exactly packing a lot of power—but don’t let that change your mind. It delivers air around the room up to 135+ CFM. If you consider placing it in a small room, these particular Levoit air purifiers perform far better.

It’s not difficult to adjust the settings on the device. The button is flat, and merely a light touch will adjust the controls. Plus, it’s quiet enough to sleep with at the lowest setting. 


Sure, the Core 300 isn’t the most powerful air purifier, but it’s still incredibly efficient at providing better air quality when placed in the right room. For the best performance, place it in a room no bigger than 215 square feet, which is admittedly small, but better suited for bedrooms or small offices. It’s also energy-efficient, as seen by its Energy Star certification. For more coverage, consider the Alen BreatheSmart Classic Large Room Air Purifier.

But, if you want to try new technology in air cleaning, read our Airfree P1000 review.


So, how is the Levoit Core 300 still good, despite being lesser in power? It has two great design features going for it: a 3-stage filtration system and 360-degree airflow. It starts by sucking in the air all around it and into the pre-filter, capturing large bits like pet hair and dust. Smaller particles come up against the True HEPA filter, taking care of 99.97% of pollen and bacteria as small as 0.3 microns. You can also check out our Levoit Allergies Filtration Eliminators LV H132 if you want a compact purifier with a 3-stage filtration system. Lastly, the activated carbon filter takes care of odor from smoke and pets.


The Levoit Core 300 looks premium, and it’s built to be. Underneath the hood, the AC capacitor alone has durable, high-precision bearings. It’s also highly resistant to abrasions, increasing the device’s shelf life. Two more solid units include the InvisiClean Claro air purifier and the Medify Air purifier.


Who is this for, exactly? This is it if you have a small room to purify, like a child’s room or kitchen. The price is right, as is the performance. Our Levoit Vista 200 review also reveals that it is very silent and will work right in your child’s room. For bigger rooms, the Coway Airmega 400 holds more value. But what’s neat about the Core 300 is the ability to swap out its original filter, so if you suffer from a pet allergy, you can get a replacement filter to specifically target it. Just remember air filter replacement costs.

Levoit Core 300 Wrap Up

While the Levoit Core 300 isn’t the most powerful unit, it was never meant to be. The value here is cleaning the air around your personal space. To know you’ll have clean air while you sleep (using Sleep Mode, too) is only going to help you sleep better. It’s quiet, energy-efficient, and versatile in the way it handles unclean air.

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