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Sometimes the best air purifier isn’t one that’s overly expensive—especially if it’s the best air purifier for pets. The Levoit Air Purifier Large Room, for example, handles 900 square feet comfortably, while still targeting pet hair. And with its honeycomb activated carbon filter, it’s even a shoe-in for the best air purifier for cigarette smoke.

Why We Like It – Levoit Air Purifier Large Room

Low initial price and low-cost replacement filters, the Levoit Air Purifier Large Room is the perfect option for newcomers to the world of air purifiers. It’s Energy Star certified, covers up to 900 square feet, and isn’t noisy.

  • Brings fresh air to 900 square feet
  • Low noise levels
  • Affordable + low-cost replacement filters
  • Motor gets hot occasionally

Power & Speed

At first glance, the Levoit Air Purifier Large Room Air Cleaner might not seem all that powerful. It will filter air twice an hour, which does limit how much space it can cover. Its CFM is also around 130. It’s a bit weaker, but you get lower noise levels in return, especially when using Sleep Mode.


It may not be all that powerful, but it sure is efficient. For starters, it’s Energy Star Certified, and Auto Mode can further tweak energy usage by adjusting fan speed based on air quality. Its speed and power mean you can clean the air of a 900 square foot space in an hour if you were to use its Max Mode. But since its ACH is on the lower side, it’s more comfortable with 500 square feet.


The Levoit Air Purifier Large Room uses a 3-stage filtration system, just like the Airthereal APH260. Large particles like pet hair and dust come up against the pre filter. Anything smaller—99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns—is handled by H13 True HEPA filters, such as dust pollen dust mites and fungi. To cover foul smells like smoke and pet odor, the activated carbon air filter traps that inside.


Compared to the Germ Guardian AC4825E, the Levoit Air Purifier Large Room is rather sturdy. It barely weighs 12 lbs, so it’s relatively easy to move, though not entirely lightweight either. There’s some soft padding on the feet to keep from scratching floors. It’s designed to fit comfortably near a wall.


What should put these Levoit air purifiers on your radar is its price per performance. You’ll have a tough time finding a True HEPA air purifier that operates this well for its price, especially compared to an Alen BreatheSmart Classic Large Room Air Purifier. There’s even a version that’s a smart air cleaner, opening up additional options via a proprietary app. And if you fall in love with your Levoit, you can always upgrade to an LV H134 down the road or an Air Purifier Levoit LV H133.

Levoit Air Purifier Large Room Wrap Up

Keeping the Levoit Air Purifier Large Room should ultimately prevent the machine from getting too hot, which you would do anyways when switching out a new filter. Outside of that, what’s not to like? An affordable air purifier with low-cost replacement filters, covers a 900 square foot area, and it’s quiet!

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