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Updated June 27, 2022
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Letterkenny is a rural town where the citizens enjoy pastimes like fighting, drinking, hockey, breakdancing, or smoking meth. Occasionally all these people end up going to the same bar, where situations become tense. This series is on our Best Shows On Hulu along with the cartoon series Bob’s Burgers. You may also try other shows available on popular streaming services.

Why We Like It – Letterkenny Review

Letterkenny is a Canadian comedy about a rural small town. In this town, you will find “hicks, skids, hockey players and Christians” most of the time. All these characters spend their days drinking, smoking, and fighting. This is an entertaining show because of all the colorful dialogue.

  • Eloquent writing
  • Feels like a drama
  • Canadian lingo may throw you off

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Jared Keeso stars as Wayne. Nathan Dales stars as Daryl. Jacob Tierney is Pastor Glen. Michelle Maya is Katy. K. Trevor Wilson is Dan. This show feels pretty slow sometimes. The characters spent a good amount of time talking with each other. It feels like there is more dialogue than events, which may not be suited for you if you prefer an eventful type of show. Compared to The Handmaid’s Tale, this show does not have nearly enough action.


Every episode has a similar plot. Wayne, Katy, and Daryl are farmers, so they spent much of their time trying to sell their stock. When they aren’t attending their market stand, they enjoy fighting, drinking, and smoking to kill time. Sometimes they run into the local goth kids and brainstorm new ideas together. This show has 8 seasons to watch, so if you are looking for something shorter, The Act is only a single season.


The first time I watched this show I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it, but after a couple of episodes, I found myself laughing at the unique dialogue between these characters. There are plenty of quotable insults that will make you laugh, even though the characters might sound a little monotone. If you are looking for more of a dramatic series, Atlanta is another great choice from our list.

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Letterkenny Review Wrap Up

Letterkenny is a funny show about citizens of a small rural town. In this town, the average joe is looking for a fight or a drink. As the days pass, they think of new ways to pass the time. The eloquent dialogue in this series is what makes this show so good. You might end up saving a couple of the comebacks for your own use.

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