Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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We’ve all come to know Chromebooks as mini-laptops whose only main function is to browse the Internet, with no fancy features in-between. The Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630 however seeks to do away with this narrative, as it packs features that push its price tag slightly above the $700 mark. It boasts of a 15.6-inch display that has a Full HD resolution, and can easily be switched into tablet mode thanks to its 360-degree Flip-and-Fold design. Under the hood, it packs an Intel Core i5-8250U processor, alongside an Intel UHD Graphics 620 card for video processing. While obviously running the Chrome OS, the Lenovo Yoga Chromebook is a premium choice for anyone that’s looking for the best chromebook for the money, and with a Core i5 processor, it even trumps a lot of the options we have on our best chromebook list.q

Why We Like It – Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630

If you find Ultrabooks to be a little bit out of your pocket’s range, there’s no shame in going for a Chromebook, particularly if the Lenovo Yoga C630 is the one in question. This very capable Chromebook offers plenty of screen real estate at 15.6 inches, and is available with either a Core i3 or Core i5 processor to fit right into your budget. And if you are on a budget, you may also want to read about the cheapest 4th gen Haswell core i7 laptops.

  • 4K Touchscreen
  • Plenty of RAM
  • Great battery life
  • A bit heavy


If you’ve ever bought a laptop before, then you know that its battery life is one of the deciding factors that you have to seriously consider. On that front, the Yoga Chromebook C630 holds up pretty well as it stays on for up to 10-hours on a single charge. Part of the reason behind this is that Chrome happens to be a very light operating system compared to the likes of Windows, so it doesn’t drain the battery too much over time. While not as long-lasting, some other Lenovo models also have good battery life as you can see in our Lenovo Yoga C630 Chromebook Review. The Yoga C630 also touts an impressive 4K resolution, multi touchscreen which is not easy to find with other chromebooks (ahem the Google PixelBook), and a 128 HD hard disk size which is more than enough for most people’s storage needs.


The Chromebook C630 ships in a trim aluminium chassis that’s in Midnight Blue, and weighs in about 4.2 pounds making it slightly heavier than both the Acer Chromebook 15 and the ASUS C302 Flip Chromebook. As a convertible, you’ll be able to completely flip it over to tablet mode, and use it as a screen display to comfortably watch movies or stream videos. It’s bezels are also ultra-thin, and feature a 720p webcam on its top side. To the left of its keyboard chassis, the Lenovo Yoga Chromebook features USB A/USB C ports and an audio jack, while to the right there’s a micro SD card slot, volume controls and a power button to switch it on or off. For a lighter and more portable chromebook, check out our Samsung Chromebook 2 Review.


Laptops running Google Chrome tend to be quicker and even simpler to use compared to more traditional laptops, and that is why models such as the Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630 and the HP Chromebook X2 continue to surge in popularity year-on-year. The convenience that this laptop offers is far more suited to users who spend a majority of their time on the Internet, and being far more pocket-friendly than most ultrabooks, they do present a very worthwhile alternative. In this case, if you’re still a bit pressed for cash, perhaps the C630 that comes with a Intel Core i3 processor may be slightly more tenable, though the Core i3 processor may mean scaling down on the level of multitasking that would otherwise be possible with the Core i5.

Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630 Wrap Up

As you’ve seen in this Yoga Chromebook C630 review, there are some Chromebooks that pack quite a lot of firepower, making them suitable for a lot of your everyday tasks. The C630 especially is a premium choice that is sure to reach your expectations, and serve you well as you slowly transition from the world of Windows or Mac OS to Chrome.

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