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The Lenovo Y700 stands atop the Dell Inspiron I7559 thanks to its incredible sound system. With similar specs, especially the GTX 960M graphics card, the Lenovo Y700 also makes it possible for you to play many of the popular games at almost the high settings. Apart from providing you with the gaming performance, the Lenovo Y700 also packs in a lighter, more aesthetic design. And so, with a full HD display, a great combination of processor and GPU and one of the best sound qualities out there, the Lenovo Y700 stands to be one of the best gaming laptops available. If you’re looking for your kids first laptop, our PeeWee power 2.0 tough but underpowered kids laptop review would be a good place to start.

Why We Like It – Lenovo Y700

Partnered with JBL once again, Lenovo brings to you a gaming laptop with an amazing sound system. It doesn’t fall behind when it comes to specs even though it has a pretty low price for a gaming laptop. With a Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M Graphics card, an Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor and upto 16GB of RAM, the Lenovo Y700 allows you to enjoy your games to a great extent, without spending too much money. Paired with its splendid design and the best sound quality among many gaming laptops, the Lenovo Y700 stands out to be a great midrange gaming laptop.

  • Amazing sound quality
  • Touchscreen enabled
  • Battery life isn’t that great
  • Keyboard may heat up during extensive use


With an Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor, upto 16GB of RAM and the Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M with its 4GB VRAM, the Lenovo ideapad Y700 provides you with an amazing gaming performance, allowing you to play most of the popular games out there with settings set almost to high. Sure it won’t reach as far as the highest settings, but for this price range the Y700 still offers a pretty good performance.

Apart from that, this Lenovo gaming notebook comes with a 1920 x 1080 display with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a brightness of upto 263 nits. This fares much better than that of the Dell Inspiron I7559 giving you much more vibrant colours and an overall better viewing experience. But, it does fall behind the Inspiron I7559 when it comes to its colour gamut. However, if you’re looking for the gaming laptop with the best viewing experience, the MSI Ghost Pro is a great laptop worth considering, while for the best Graphical capability, the Gigabyte P35x V5 is a great option.

On the other hand, the Lenovo Y700 tops all others with its best speaker system, with JBL speakers below the aluminum speaker grills beside the laptop’s hinge. They produce a great sound quality which is great for gaming, and unlike many other laptop speakers, it doesn’t get cranky even at high volumes and also features Dolby support. When it comes to storage, the Lenovo Y700 has quite a good amount of storage with a 128 GB SSD( can be upgraded to 512GB) and a 1TB spinning hard drive, making it possible for you to store all the files and games like fire strike in the Y700 with ease.

Finally, with a battery life lower than that of the Dell Inspiron I7559 at just around 5 hours of web surfing, the Lenovo Y700 isn’t primarily suited for travel. As for the keyboard and touchpad, while they both have good key travel and precision tools respectively, the keyboard does tend to heat up with extensive gaming.


The Lenovo Y700 has quite a good design with a central hinge with the speakers placed under thick solid aluminum grills to make the most of the sound. And with its soft finish on the keyboard deck, the Lenovo Y700 allows you to type more easily and be more comfortable while playing games.

Moreover, with its touchscreen display and the central hinge that makes more space for the speakers, the entire laptop measures 15.24 by 1.02 by 10.91 inches and weighs about 5.7 pounds, thus making it slightly lighter than the Dell Inspiron I7559. While the keyboard contains slightly brighter W, A ,S and D keys, with the backlight switched on the difference just seems to fade in.

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With a pretty aesthetic design, a great sound system and also a great gaming performance, the Lenovo Y700 performs amazingly well for a mid tier gaming laptop. It provides you with a HD display as well as touch screen options and a pretty decent keyboard. And so, even without the most impressive battery life or the most impressive screen, the Lenovo Y700 is well worth its price, and offers a great gaming performance paired with the best sound system.

Lenovo Y700 Wrap Up

It may not have as powerful a GPU as the Gigabyte P35x V5, nor does it have as great a display as that of the MSi Ghost Pro, neither is it as cheap as the Dell Inspiron I7559. But, with its exceptional sound quality, and a gaming performance better, if not on par with that of the I7559, the Lenovo Y700 offers one of the best gaming laptops you can get for the money.