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Lenovo X1 Carbon under $600 & GTX 1070 under $350 this week in Deals

Cheapest X1 Carbon & GTX 1070.
Cheapest X1 Carbon & GTX 1070.

You’re in the market for a reliable made-for-business laptop, but all you tend to see are blocky and unnecessarily bulky machines with price tags double or triple those of made-for-home laptops with the same specs. That’s the advantage of these today-only deals at Woot. The well-designed Lenovo X1 Carbon business laptop is dropping to $589.99 for the 2014 model, while the 2015 3rd gen version is only $999.99. Both are huge new low price points, both sport the sleek-looking but sturdy X1 Carbon design, and both come with high end Core i7 processors and sizable SSDs.

This week is also seeing an incredible drop on the high end gaming GTX 1070 video card. While most desktop GTX 1070s cost in the $400 – $450 price range, every now and then we’ll see a drop to $380. This week Jet has the EVGA GTX 1070 down to $345 after coupon code SPRING15 – an impressive historic low for the GPU.

Rare it is for Call of Duty games to drop below the 50% mark less than a year after release. That said, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is doing so at Amazon with a drop to $24.10 for PC gamers. Perhaps all the hubbub over the new Call of Duty: WWII has caused this historic low price on Infinite Warfare.






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