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The Lenovo Android Enabled Charging Included is a two in one Android tablet with a Lenovo smart tab feature that makes this device a smart choice for the family. The Google home operating system controls this 64-bit quad core processor, giving a smooth performance for playing games, surfing the web, and playing TV and movies. Features such as Smart Home, fingerprint sensor, Google Assistant, Google Home, and Alexa Show mode, are just the beginning when it comes to the perks of this tablet. When trying to choose one of the best Android tablets here in the United States, this is surely a fine option.

Why We Like It – Lenovo Android Enabled Charging Included

The Lenovo Android Enabled Charging Included gives you an impressive display with dual front speakers featuring Dolby Atoms. You can play videos, music, movies, and TV with just the sound of your voice thanks to the built-in Alexa app. Easy to make hands-free videos and calls, making this an excellent choice for the at home tablet.

  • Alexa
  • Good battery life
  • Bright color screen
  • Casing a bit weak


This Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD device with a 10.1 inch display, works well with its Amazon Echo show. Much like the Amazon Fire HD 8, you can enjoy full clean and clear sound from your Smart dock, and works best when you are utilizing Smart display using google assistant. Feel free to make hands-free video or calls for quick announcements throughout your home with Alexa Echo devices. With a software update, you will have the latest technology for the powerful QUALCOMM Snapdragon processor that supports fast connections. Battery life is impressive, allowing you to enjoy the HD display for many hours upon hours.


The sturdy tablet is offered in slate black, with normal audio and USB-C ports. Show Mode is a nice touch when you want to leave it in the charging dock and display a slideshow or wallpaper of your choosing. You can ask Alexa to change the display without ever touching the tablet. The device has invisible dual front speakers with Dolby Atmos. The screen itself ranges from dull to bright and everything in between. The frame design is classic and gives a sturdy appearance. The device, like the Dragon Touch K10 Android Tablet, is pretty lightweight, compared to others of its price and is definitely easy to travel with. And the tough exterior makes you feel comfortable moving around with it.


You’re going to get the feeling you’re grabbing a deal with this tablet, simply due to all the impressive features it offers. The iOS, Android Pie, works really well and has a simple interface. As for the structural casing of the device itself, you might want to give yourself some insurance by purchasing the Tab P10 case. Other than that, you can feel pretty comfortable taking this well priced tablet with you on the road, to the park, or wherever you feel fit. This tablet is going to give you the same performance as others in its price range, making this a smart buy.

Lenovo Android Enabled Charging Included Wrap Up

With the Lenovo Android Enabled Charging Included, the Quad Core processor is impressive enough to make this a good purchase. Like the MatrixPad Z4 10” Android Tablet, the HD display is sharp and bright and the speakers are impressive for a device of this size. Amazon Alexa gives you a familiar control feel, and the interface is something easy, even for your children to use. The tablet works excellent with third-party apps such as Pandora, Spotify, and others. Link this device to all your household Alexa items making your home fully automated. With a strong casing and almost smudge free screen, you’re going to feel good about this purchase.

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