It was bound to happen: Ever since the ubiquitous success of Minecraft, others were certain to set about crafting their own competing games to win the eyes of gamers. And is it really such as a surprise that the first major competitor looks like Lego Worlds?

After all, Minecraft has unabashedly sold itself on being the digital version of Legos (plus other activities, obviously). It’s not a long stretch to see Lego jumping on the opportunity to enter the innovative side of the gaming world, just as it leapt on the chance to enter the kid-friendly console game world and the movie franchise world. Anyone who loves Lego’s will also want to check out the world’s most expensive solid gold LEGO brick.

Lego Worlds, then, is almost exactly what you’d expect. This download, available on Windows, is an open-world environment made of nothing but Legos as far as the eye can see. Of course you can build with them, and Lego appears ready to include tools that allow for massive environmental shifts, creating not only buildings but also entire terrain in broad sweeps. Build your house block by block, or raise a mountain and smash it down like a vengeful god – you know the drill. There’s also a lot of preset Lego vehicles to have fun with, and digital Lego kits to play with if you want to start with more familiar world.

Like Minecraft, Lego Worlds also includes some more traditional video game aspects. There are in-game bosses wandering around that you can fight in order to unlock new avatars, and probably other activities as well. Lego has also hinted that there are hidden treasures to discover out it the digital world.

For now, Worlds is only available via windows and Steam Early Access for $17. It seems that this isn’t the finalized version of the game quite yet – or at least that Lego has a whole lot of updates in mind. According to the developers, the finalized version will hit in early 2016, with all intended features in place. We’ll probably see online multiplayer at some point, as well as a plethora of extras tied into various Lego…well, worlds – like Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and so on.

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