Lego Debuts Massive Tower Of Orthanc Set from “Lord of the Rings”


The best Lego sets are the big ones and boy is this big.

The Tower of Orthanc is, of course, where the wizard Saruman hangs out in “The Lord of The Rings”. It’s one of the most indelible images from Peter Jackson’s adaptations of the books, an imposing, ominous structure that kind of makes you wonder why Gandalf didn’t see that whole betrayal thing coming. And now you can build a rather large model of it out of plastic bricks! It is worthy of 10 of the biggest most challengingly awesome Lego sets.

Yes, the Tower of Orthanc is now an official Lego set, part of Lego’s ongoing series of money-draining dioramas, and it’s something of a beast. For starters, it’s 28″ and eight inches wide, so you’d better make some space on your shelf if you want to build it. And it crams a lot into that space.

It has six floors of Lego goodness, and many features of the structure actually can be interacted with: You can construct a trapdoor to drop one of the five minifigs the set comes with into another level, or activate the palantir by installing the Lego light brick. It even comes with a Lego set inside the Lego set: An Ent that you can build and is completely poseable, so you can stage the stop-motion Lego movie of one ripping Orthanc to shreds. It can even hold a minifig!

Speaking of which, not only do you get an Eagle to play with, you get minifigs of Saruman, Grima Wormtongue, Gandalf the Grey, an Uruk-Hai, and the Orc Pitmaster. Yes, you get a tiny Ian McKellan to play with. Somehow we imagine that’ll be a key selling point for much of the set.


How much will this much awesome packed into a tiny bundle cost you? Currently, it’s priced at $199.99. That’s a fairly modest price to pay for a wizard’s abode, which is probably why you can only buy two sets at a time. In any case, Lego once again gets our money. Now, how about a life-size Bag End?

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