LEGO To Release 2,359-piece Lord of the Rings Tower of Orthanc Set (video)

Lord of the Rings Tower of Orthanc Set

LEGO will release a 2,359-piece Lord of the Rings Tower of Orthanc Set this July, which the playset shouldn’t be confused with Barad-dû, which is actually the Eye of Sauron peeking around on top. The set was unveiled in Portugal and will measure two feet tall when assembled. There’s six detailed follow filled with lots of movie-reated details like the attic, library, alchemy room, Saruman’s throne room, entrance hall and dungeon. Also included in this set are the Great Eagle and a buildable tree-like Ent that features poseable limbs and a swinging arm function. There are also five minifigs with weapons, including Saruman with kirtle outfit, Grima Wormtongue, Gandalf the Grey, an Uruk-hai and the Orc Pitmaster. The set is said to cost about $199.99.  The video below is of the three designers of this LEGO set as they discuss its features and more.


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