LEGO Star Wars Updated Visual Dictionary is Ideal Fan Gift

In the doldrums between now and The Force Awakens, what’s to keep the hardcore Star Wars fan/LEGO-lovers/excited kids entertained? Enter the LEGO Star Wars: Visual Dictionary: Updated and Expanded edition, ready with extra colons and all the LEGO/Star Wars mashup fans could want.

As serious Star Wars collectors know, LEGO and SW have had a long, long history together, sort of like peanut butter and chocolate, but with more small parts. And it’s all those small parts that make the updated Visual Dictionary so handy. Unless all your collectibles are still pristinely boxed, there’s a good chance that you may be missing a piece or two – or even worse, the instructions for several different assemblies now permanently jumbled together. The book provides a solution by acting as a both an encyclopedia and guide for all the history of LEGO Star Wars.

Of course, it also offers more than that for hardcore fans. The pages carefully illustrate all the inner workings of the LEGO models while also providing an enormous amount of information on the general Star Wars universe, including detailed vehicle descriptions, character biographies and more. Then there are the expanded sections, such as a chapter on how LEGO sets are made, a look at the latest LEGO Star Wars projects, and unique fan creations built by outside-the-box thinkers. You also get a special Star Wars Luke minifigure, unavailable elsewhere, with the book.

Not only does the updated Visual Dictionary make a great gift, but it also has a several potential audiences. LEGO fans will like it. Older LEGO Star Wars fans who don’t already have it will love it. Little kids and various younglings who are still exploring the Star Wars universe will especially love it. Reviews laud its usefulness as a distraction in long car trips or in helping children decide what LEGO models they want next.

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