This LEGO Millennium Falcon Is No Bucket of Bolts

This LEGO Millennium Falcon is the best model space ship I’ve ever seen! According to Singapore-based Titans Creations, 10,000 LEGO bricks get you the most detailed Millennium Falcon in our galaxy and the one far, far away. Trust me, this is NO bucket of bolts. In fact, it took the folks at Titans two months to complete and it’s going to be displayed at a special Legoland Malaysia event.

Take a look for yourself:

millennium falcon 1

This version of the Millennium Falcon is almost 40% larger than the largest official LEGO Falcon set, the Star Wars “Ultimate Collector’s Edition.” Titans Creation’s Falcon is a bit over three-and-a-half feet long. It’s also larger than the LEGO Falcon Titans built before, which consisted of 6,000 bricks. 

The Falcon has 24 working LEDs that light up the cockpit, the hyperdrive, corridors, and thrusters. And you can’t forget the many mini-figures hanging out on the ship, including Han and Chewie in the cockpit. 

Titans’ LEGO Millennium Falcon is just in time for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens hype. The film, of course, will see the return of the Millennium Falcon, as it zooms across the galaxy on a brand new mission. You might have even seen the Falcon flying around in those two Force Awakens trailers that hit the internet some weeks ago. Also of note is the return of Han and Chewie, who seem to have lost the Falcon at some point, but they’ll somehow recover the ship during the film. “Chewie,” Han says in the second trailer, “We’re home.”

The Millennium Falcon is a major part of Star Wars fandom so expect people to get very excited about its first appearance in the upcoming film. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Titans Creations got a couple of love letters of their own for their fantastic work on this model, which is unlike anything I’ve seen.

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