Leesa Sapira Mattress Review

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Updated July 6, 2022
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My wife and I recently moved from New Jersey to Chicago. We were in the market for a new king sized mattress, because we had not brought our old mattress with us to the Midwest. Our last king sized mattress in NJ was well over 15 years old, and because of its age, felt it no longer provided us with the proper overnight back support. So we browsed the best online mattress stores. Read on to determine if it is one of the best mattresses you have seen.

We both just retired, so that finding a good mattress that would not leave us feeling stiff in the morning was of necessity. Since we know good mattresses last ten years on average, it was important to find the right kind of mattress for our needs, and one that could go the extra mile in terms of quality and durability. If you like the comfortable mattresses with the right foam quality, take a look at our Eve mattress review.

We visited three or four stores here in Chicago, but were turned off by the insincere sales pitch. We also didn’t find it helpful to test the mattresses by laying on them while having the salesman hover around us. Since we intended to buy a king sized mattress, which would cost us well over a thousand dollars, we needed ample time and the right frame of mind to make a decision. Interested in a cooling foam and memory foam in a 10″ bed-in-a-box mattress?

Thus, we decided to turn our mattress search online and turn to Google. Using Google and asking friends and family for their recommendations steered us to look into a Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress. We were immediately warmed by Leesa’s user friendly page, and after much research on their site and online, we were sold.

For comparison sake, at the local mattress stores, the Simmons Beauty king sized mattress, which is a hybrid mattress, was going for $3,797, and the Casper Wave for $2,395. In comparison the Leesa Sapira, during a recent sale, was priced at $1,570.

Ordering and Receiving

We ordered a king sized Leesa Sapira mattress online. The procedure was hassle free. The company offers a 100 day in home free trial, which it stated was 100% risk free. This guarantee is superior, we feel, to what the traditional stores offered. Purchasing was also simple because the company accepts all major credit cards.

The mattress was delivered to us in a box, and we found it to truly be a “bed in a box.” I had apprehension about this beforehand, because I could not envision how a king sized mattress could come in a box. However, when it arrived four days after ordering, I began to understand this new technology. One point to note- when receiving a king sized mattress, make sure that you have someone helping you carry it into your bedroom. It is possible to do it alone; however it is good to have someone around to help you. The dimensions of the box are 18” in length, 18” in width and 45” in height, and the total weight of the box is around 90 lbs.


Installation was a relatively simple process. Remove the box, place on the bed frame, remove the plastic and let it unfold. Within minutes it becomes a king sized mattress. The company notes that within several weeks it becomes harder and has a new smell which eventually dissipates. We hardly noticed the smell of the mattress.

One quick idea in terms of better unpacking for the Leesa mattress is that the compression plastic wrapping could come with a plastic zipper instead of a simple compression sheet should someone cut the mattress upon opening the plastic around the mattress.


My wife and I did not want just a foam mattress. We thus choose the Sapira model, because it is a hybrid mattress that in between layers of foam it contains individually wrapped pockets of springs. On top, it has about a 1.5” layer of memory foam. The combination of foam between the pockets of individually wrapped springs and top layer of memory foam delivers body contouring support and just the right amount of firmness. Most of the other brands of foam mattresses have a lack of bounce. This is not the case with the Leesa Sapira mattress. The only negative factor that we both feel is that when we sit on the edge of the mattress, there is a slight sag. While lying down, we experienced about 1.5 inches of sinkage and around 2 inches while sitting on the mattress.

Temperature Management

In terms of temperature management, we like a warm mattress. Since we now live in windy Chicago, with dominant cold weather, a slightly warmer mattress is essential and most welcome especially for the below zero winters.

30 Nights of Sleeping on the Leesa Sapira Mattress

Typically, I sleep on my back but then during the night, I shift to my left. My wife on the. other hand sleeps on her back only. With our old bed, I would always manage to bump into my wife during the night and wake her in the process. Our old mattress would not provide us a restful night’s sleep.

Sleeping on the Leesa Sapira mattress, which gives me a firm support and a cool feeling, I have stopped thrashing about. My wife appreciates that I no longer wake her by continuously shifting positions during the night, but she also enjoys the contouring feeling of memory foam and the support that her back gets from the mattress’ firmness.

Final Thoughts

We find the Leesa Sapira hybrid mattress superior in giving my wife and I a remarkable and rejuvenating night’s rest. We no longer get up in the morning feeling as if our backs are broken. On a scale of 1-10, we would give our Leesa Sapira mattress a 4.5 and speak most highly of our mattress experience, online and offline, with no reservations.

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