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Updated July 5, 2022
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After suffering from back pain for the last few years, I knew I was in desperate need of a new mattress.  After all, a good mattress not only determines the quality of one’s sleep, but also how ready and focused we are for work, and all together quality of living.  It’s an essential, if the not the most essential, piece of furniture you’ll buy. If you’re looking for more mattress options, check out our best mattresses reviews.

So, needless to say, I put a lot of stock in a good mattress.  However, the best mattress can easily cost 1000s of dollars.  And since I’m more of the frugal type, I knew buying a $2500 mattress just wasn’t in the cards.

Enter Leesa mattress, a direct to consumer mattress company.  They sent me a queen size bed ($890) and am happy to say it’s now a permanent part of my nightly routine.

Below I give you my honest Leesa mattress review so you can make the switch yourself.


Customers are offered sizes ranging from twin to king, with a 100 day in home free trial for those who want to test it out before they fully commit.

Shipping is free and quick, though it takes 3-4 business days before it’s sent out, and the mattress itself can be setup and ready in just a few minutes time.

It’s made entirely of foam, allowing it to ship in a  relatively small box despite it’s queen sized footprint.  Seriously.  You just remove the mattress, let it unfold and within time it expands to a full on mattress.

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If you’re coming from a Tempurpedic, as I am, the Leesa is a breath of fresh air. At $890 for a queen size bed, it’s nearly half the price of my last mattress of the same size. Prices range from $525 (Twin) to $990 (King), making it just slightly more pricey than the Casper equivalents.


Lets say you try this mattress for 100 days and decide to keep it. Then you discover an imperfection or flaw in the mattress.  For example, the foam isn’t holding up or the cover just isn’t quite right. In that case Leesa will send you a new mattress or, in the case of a cover malfunction, they’ll send you a brand new cover in the latest design.

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At First Glance

The Leesa promises a feel that meets the needs of all sleepers, and I put that promise to a personal test. I tried the queen size for myself and the first thing I noticed as I put my hand on the bed was the feel of the Avena foam. It gives the mattress a distinct bounce that I haven’t seen in other mattress sellers.

Avena Foam

Distinct from latex, Avena foam allows the mattress to breath, giving it a cooler feeling during the night. You will definitely notice a difference if you’re coming from latex. In particular, the second layer of memory foam offers support with a lighter hug and reduced sinkage than some alternatives.


While lying down, I experienced about 1.5 inches of sinkage, around 2.5 while sitting. This isn’t necessarily a firm bed, and that was my only issue; I personally prefer a little more firmness to my mattresses. It’s right in the middle between firm and soft, so if you prefer a medium firmness, this is certainly the mattress for you. Give it some time to firm up – about a few week – and you’ll be glad you did.

Tempurpedic vs Leesa

Leesa is cheaper, easier to set up – it comes in a box – and the Avena foam makes it arguably cooler during sleeping hours. The Avena foam is also quicker to conform to your body when you move at night, whereas Tempurpedic can be annoyingly slow. While the Tempurpedic certainly has a great unique feel, I prefer the Leesa.


Firmness aside, a few nights proved wonders for my lower back pain, and I was able to reposition myself with relative ease during the night. I tracked my sleeping with my sleep tracker and indeed the data doesn’t lie.

All in all I experienced a better sleep than with my Tempurpedic and at roughly half the price.  Give the Leesa a few weeks to firm up, and you won’t be sorry. It’s a hard deal to pass by.

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