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Got a bit of a lead foot? No? Think again. Did you know that more often than not, those that received a speeding ticket didn’t even know they were over the speed limit? Now ask yourself again, “do I speed?”. The answer is probably yes. And rightfully so, because who goes 35 in a 35. It’s likely you’re doing 5 or 10 mph over. The Escort Max360 would be able to tell help you out. Also, know when and Why You Should Buy A New Radar Detector?


To be clear, I’d never endorse speeding.  It’s illegal and can be dangerous.  But given the above mentioned scenario it’s inevitable that most of us will.  And unless you’re a Prius driver trying to attain that magical efficiency of MPG, you’re likely to acquire, albeit unwantedly, a speeding ticket in your lifetime.  And with the average speeding ticket costiing $150 (or a lot more if you live in California) then it only makes sense to make an investment in a radar detector.

But like the safety of your car, or the quality of your tires, it’s not worth skimping and going cheap on a radar detector.  If you do, you’ll likely end up with both a pricey paper weight and a speeding ticket.  That, my friends, is insult to injury.

Enter the new Escort 360 radar + laser detector.  Unlike many other detectors on the market the Max 360 provides, you guessed it, complete 360 degrees of protection thanks to dual-antennas and tech that isn’t routed in the 90s (aka the Valentine One).  But that’s not all.  Not only does the Max 360 protect you from those pesky speed traps, but it can warn you about red light cameras (those are the worst because they’re after the fact, plus you usually end up looking silly in the pic), air patrol (yes, airplanes will get you), and speed cameras.

And if the above isn’t enough, the Max 360 has some of the coolest features known to drivers today.  This includes indicating arrows that quickly and efficiently give you, the driver, a heads up to where the threat exists.  After all, you have enough on your mind when you’re driving.  The last thing you want to do is decipher a puzzle.

Following that, is an auto learning GPS system which will reduce false positives that is based on single frequency and location.  So in effect, the Max 360 is a learning radar detector, which means the more you drive your routes the smarter it gets.  What other detector on the market does that?  None.

Now, if you’re apprehensive due to the legality of the matter, don’t be.  Radar detectors are 100% legal and allowed in all of the US with the exception of Washington D.C. and Virginia.  So for the majority, it’s a none issue.  Plus, it’s only illegal if you get caught ;).

And if you’re still not convinced get this: Escort is so confident in their Max 360 radar detector, that if you get a speeding or red light ticket while using their device, they’ll pay for it.  Yes, you can say “wow” now.

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  1. Not true. K40 Electronics began offering the industry’s first ticket-free guarantee back in 1978. Also, Escort only offers that guarantee if you buy the unit directly from them.

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