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LBell LB01 Sunrise Alarm Clock Review

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Are you looking for an alarm clock to wake up more easily, feeling more refreshed at the same time? Well, the LBell LB01 is one of the top-rated alarm clocks on the market. It has up to 20 different brightness levels in it’s 7 coloured light to wake you up with a sunrise simulation. You also have the alarm sound which comes with the choice of 7 different nature sounds giving you a more smoother and calmer wake up. Thus, despite the slightly higher price, the LBell LB01 may stand out as potentially the best alarm clock in this price range. If you prefer to wake up to music, take a look at our Gear4 Renew Sleepclock review.

Why We Like It – LBell LB01 Sunrise Alarm Clock

Waking up will never be the same with the LBell LB01 Sunrise Alarm clock as with 20 different levels of brightness you get the best sunrise simulation from an alarm clock within your room. Paired with the 7 different colours and also the 7 different nature sounds for the alarm, the LBell LB01 will make sure you wake up smoothly, feeling refreshed as soon as possible. And so, with all that at a fairly decent price, the LBell LB01 may just be the perfect alarm clock for you. If you want a relaxing way to fall asleep at night, you should also read our guide to the Sound Oasis.

  • 20 Levels of Brightness
  • FM Radio Support
  • 7 different nature sounds for the alarm
  • Light intensity change isn’t the smoothest


Featuring the dual alarm clock feature like the Mpow Digital Alarm Clock, the LBell LB01 Alarm Clock allows you to set alarms both for yourself and someone else in your family. You can even set two for yourself, reminding you to do something during the day, without having to set the morning alarm time once again. To gift your kids with one of the best alarm clocks, check out the Lbell Colored Simulation Bedrooms Lb01 Sunrise. When it comes to the light LB01 Wake Up Alarm clock provides you with the choice of 20 different brightness settings and 7 different colours to choose from making it much easier for you to wake up in the morning. The sleep aid feature dual alarm on the LBell LB01 Sunrise Alarm Clock is also pretty great as it gradually changes the colour of the light to a dimmer level at night to help you sleep whilst also becoming brighter and more intense during the morning to wake up just before the alarm with one of the 7 different nature sounds goes off. The LBell Alarm clock radio also supports this, as any music playing on the saved 40 channels will automatically get quieter as it approaches the time you set for the sleep aid function. And so with the colored sunrise simulation sleep aid feature your sleep will become much better, giving you a more refreshed mood during the day. Other than that, while you do get the birds singing, ocean waves, streams, beep, wind chimes, soft music, and piano music as the natural sounds for waking up, you can also set their alarm volume according to your own needs. However, do note that some customer reviews have reported that while the LB01 acts as a pretty nice bedside night light with the different light colors, the LBell LB01 doesn’t have the smoothest transition from colours which may be irritating varying from person to person.

Aside from that you also get a snooze function unlike the American Lifetime Clock, but then again you can’t adjust the snooze time as it is fixed at 9 minutes like the Travelway Home LED Digital Alarm Clock. As for the port selection on the Sunrise Light LBell Alarm Clock, you get a USB port that can be used to charge your other devices, and you also get a backup battery like that of other alarms, which means that while the alarms won’t go off if the electricity is out, you still don’t have to reset the clock everytime it happens.


Having product dimensions of 6.3 x 6.3 x 2.56 inches and weighing to be around 1.21 pounds, the LBell LB01 Light Sunrise Alarm Clock isn’t the most compact nor the lightest alarm clock out there. It measures to be smaller than the American Lifetime Alarm Clock and being a light alarm clock it comes with it’s own unique look of a sunrise. Paired with some easy to use touch keys on the top, a clear display of time and some rubber anti slip feet, the LBell LB01 makes for a pretty great bedside lamp for kids adults bedrooms alike. Now, if you appreciate wooden craftsmanship for decor, you can go for the handcrafted Lemnos Riki Alarm Clock.


Priced at around $40, the LBell LB01 is on the slightly expensive side of alarm clocks. But if you’re someone who wants a good, night light sunrise alarm clock which is also a fm radio clock, the price may not seem like a lot. The feature dual alarm clock which has 7 different natural sounds apart from sounds fm radio channels provide you, is really like a sunrise simulation clock. And so, if you’re someone who wants to wake up by the light and also wants the feature of turning off the light when you want to, the LBell LB01 Sunrise Alarm Clock may be worth the price for you. You may also get a coupon for free shipping on a verified purchase.

LBell LB01 Sunrise Alarm Clock Wrap Up

An alarm clock sunrise simulation is something that maybe many of you don’t really want, but we all want to have a good night’s sleep and maybe even a good bedside lamp. And so providing you with a number of features like the 7 different natural sounds, an FM radio as well as a sleep aid function with lighting time in the morning, the LBell LB01 Sunrise Alarm Clock makes both of those things a reality. If you are willing to pay a slightly higher price for a sunrise simulation than a normal alarm clock like the Mpow Digital Alarm clock, then the LBell LB01 will definitely be a worthwhile investment for you.