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The Light LBell Alarm Clock is a great addition to any kids’ and adults’ bedrooms. The design is circular, and it is supposed to represent the sun. Throughout the day you will notice the digital sun either rise or set depending on the day. The clock has a variety of colors to set the mood whether it is being used as a sleep aid, or a night light, or other things. This is the first runner up from the Best Alarm Clock on our list.

Why We Like It – LBell Colored Simulation Bedrooms LB01 Sunrise Review

The LBell Colored Simulation Bedrooms LB01 Sunrise is an elegantly designed alarm clock. What attracted me to this device was the sunrise simulation alarm; this is the type of design that gives your room a cool futuristic feel. After a night of sleep, the device will wake you up with a digital sunrise and whatever your preferred FM radio station is or some simple nature sounds.

  • Sunrise Alarm
  • Night Light
  • Only a dual alarm system


When it comes time to rise and grind, the LB01 Sunrise Alarm Clock can be configured with natural sounds to bring you a gentle rise in the morning. The colored sunrise simulation is a delight to see every time, and you can customize your clock with 7 different colors. If you aren’t a fan of the elegant design and prefer functionality overall, please consider the Travelway Home LED Digital Alarm Clock. After a long day of work or school, the sleep aid feature will help relax for the rest of the night.


The light sunrise feature on this device was enough to sell me because the design makes it feel like its truly a clock from the future. These devices feature dual alarm clocks, and it also works as a clock radio. The light alarm will never get boring when you have many colors to choose from. When you decide to hit the snooze function, the alarm will give you another cool 9 minutes to get some more sleep. This is a great addition to your room as a bedside lamp, and once you purchase it prepare to be woken up by nature sounds or your favorite FM station. If you prefer a more simple design, please consider the Mpow Digital Alarm Clock because of its minimal functions.


This light alarm clock does more than wake you up. There is a USB port that charges a variety of devices. Once you set your alarm time, alarm volume, and light colors, your lamp will truly be personalized just for you. The sleep aid feature dual alarm is a nice touch, but I feel that it could be better by adding more alarms to work with. The sunrise simulation sleep aid may be the perfect tool to help kids fall asleep sooner. If this design seems to look overly designed, perhaps a better option may be American Lifetime Premium Day Clock.

LBell Colored Simulation Bedrooms LB01 Sunrise Review Wrap Up

Prepare for a night light sunrise that can change into a vast selection of colors. Personalize your clock with your favorite colored light, and pair it with either natural sounds or FM radio. When purchasing this device, you receive free delivery. Kids’ and adults’ bedrooms will benefit from this spectacular light show and the dual alarm clock system.

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