Lavazza Is Going To Fire An Espresso Machine Into Space


Searching for the best nespresso machine is a never-ending story for most of the people. If anybody could use a cup of good, strong coffee, it’s an astronaut. But it’s incredibly hard to get a cup of good coffee in space. Fortunately for the pioneers of the final frontier, Lavazza will be sending up an espresso machine.

A Better Cup Of Space Joe

Currently, astronaut coffee is every bit as revolting as the other astronaut food you’ve tried. Essentially, instant coffee is put in a pouch, and the astronaut needing a belt of caffeine adds in some lukewarm water. The results are every bit as disgusting as they sound, although it’s not the worst thing that could happen up there. Lavazza decided to tackle the challenge of getting better coffee into those who need it most.

Gravity Is No Longer Your Friend

There are some pretty severe problems with espresso in space, though. For one thing, highly pressurized scalding hot water does not go very well with zero-gravity environments. What Lavazza developed is basically a pressure cooker; water is pressurized to 400 bar and then forced through a steel tube and a pod of coffee. The resulting refreshing hot beverage is forced into a drinking capsule, which the astronaut can then enjoy with a straw. If this sounds a bit frivolous, it can also make other hot beverages and rehydrate food, so it’s got more than one function.

isspresso (1)

Morale Building

It seems a minor thing, but truthfully, morale is important in space. Everyone has to work together and it’s the single harshest and most dangerous environment humanity has ever explored. The more comfortable and happy people are, the less likely somebody will decide that today is the day that they’re going to open the airlock and see what happens. So, thanks, Lavazza, for keeping our astronauts better caffeinated. If they get stuck on Mars, at least they’ll be able to enjoy something tasty before trying to terraform the planet.

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