Lava HD 8008 Antenna Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Best TV Antennas don’t come for cheap. But the Lava HD 8008 Antenna is a pretty great option if you’re on a strict budget. It’s not exactly the high gain omni directional antenna most would pick while searching for the Best RV Antenna. But it’s worth the money regardless.

Why We Like It – Lava HD 8008 Antenna

Good TV antennas below 100 bucks don’t come with full-fledged installation kits. But, the Lava HD 8008 Antenna is a big exception to that notion. It is perhaps one of the only good HDTV antennas that feature easy installation and doesn’t require any rotation to receive signal on

  • More than 45 HD TV channels
  • Receives high gain signal with usable signal strength from up to 150 miles away
  • UHF VHF & FM signal support
  • The included coaxial cable could’ve been better


The Lava Omnipro performs incredibly well on its own. And that means it doesn’t really need any signal strength booster add-on like the Winegard RV Antenna. The picture quality this one provides is also pretty good for an HDTV antenna.

Ease Of Install

The overall installation process might be slightly complicated compared to something like the King Dish Tailgater Pro. But all the effort you spend behind it is definitely going to be worth it, as you can access your favorite TV shows for free using it. Of course, you can go for an indoor antenna such as the AmazonBasics Ultra Thin Indoor TV Antenna that are often easy to install although you may have to compromise on performance.


Don’t worry, unlike the Dish Playmaker HD TV Antenna, this Lava Omnipro UHF VHF high gain antenna includes the whole setup kit (even down to the J-shaped pole). And every single component of this omni directional HDTV antenna is very well made and requires minimal maintenance, if any whatsoever.


This omni directional antenna easily picks up signals even from above 125 miles away, no matter the signal strength. And if you can’t find your favorite TV shows, you can just go to the TVFool website to see what is available in your area.


The value aspect of the Lava Omnipro HDTV antenna is exceptional, and most customer reviews seem to agree with us. It’s a great way of accessing your favorite TV shows and sports right to your HD TV in your home/RV. And the fact that you can get free shipping in most parts of the United States (as it ships directly from adds to the value immensely.

Lava HD 8008 Antenna Wrap Up

If you’re on a tight budget, and you need to get your TV shows for free, the Lava HD 8008 Antenna is a great high gain UHF VHF antenna to go for. And if you’ve got their 4-way splitters, the Lava Omnipro UHF VHF antenna can deliver TV feed to eight HD TVs (maximum) simultaneously.

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