Around the holidays, we like keep you updated on the latest Star Wars gifts and collectibles to hit the shelves (well, we also like looking at it ourselves, so it’s a win-win). And since The Last Jedi is coming up, that means it’s time for a refresher course on exactly what you need for the best Star Wars gifts and wish lists! Let’s break it down into a few important categories. If you want to be ready for Halloween too, take a look at our guide to 10 gadget inspired Halloween costumes for the nerdy at heart.

New Action Figures

Star wars: Figures
A new crop of action figures means even more collectibles.

This shouldn’t be surprising – many Star Wars fans may not even be caught up on the collectibles for Rogue One, and Last Jedi offers a whole new array of pieces to collect. That includes some pretty important figures, including old scraggly Luke, Rey in training, and well, let’s just say you’ll probably want to get at least one Leia figurine for the sheer memory of it.

You can spend lots of time browsing here, but if it’s a gift make sure you know what figures have already been bought.

Star Wars Lego

The Stormtrooper Commander must first be assembled by hand and the you can put him into action by arming him with the included heavy blaster.

Lego and Star Wars are the sort of inseparable peanut butter and jelly that speak to fans of all ages. Take a look at the news options to find the models that look the most attractive. There’s a whole new set of ships from the latest movies, some great BB-8 sets, and a number of advanced character models to build your Lego set around.

Force Link

Star Wars Force Link Starter Set
The package includes a 3.75-inch scale Kylo Ren Force Link-activated figure.

Force Link (available at Amazon for $22) is a new techy Hasbro concept that’s…well, we’re really big fans.

It’s a wearable device that fits on a kid’s wrist and acts as a sort of smart audio for a whole line of toys. Play with any compatible toys, and the Link will make all the appropriate noise for that particular piece, allowing adventures to come to life as ships and characters are moved around.

However, if you decide on this for a gift, it’s important that you include toys (there’s currently over 30 options) that are designed to work with the Link.

Working Lightsabers

Yep, we’ve also got a collection of working lightsabers for you to check out for older fans or personal investment. You may not be cutting anyone in half, but don’t mistake these advanced replicas for toys: they use advanced audio systems and LED arrays to mimic the action of a lightsaber as authentically as possible.

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